Today’s Challenge: How Many Fish Are Left In The Bowl?

Humans have been drawn to competitions of all kinds since the dawn of time. From family dinner quizzes to sporting events, it can be anything. Even being the fastest (or first) to solve a mathematical challenge may win you a lot of attention and admiration.

Riddles, in particular, have always been something I’ve made an effort to schedule at least a couple of times every week. Sitting down with one from time to time guarantees that my brain cells are getting some exercise.

The majority of our tasks are now performed by computers and cellphones. Especially when it comes to thinking, it’s critical to make sure we give our body a much-needed dosage of brain-teasing once we’ve finished with work or school for the day.


From crossword puzzles to riddles, there’s something for everyone

It is essential for us to exercise our brains in order to live a healthy and happy life, therefore there is never a bad moment to settle down with a good ‘ol brainteaser.

It may be anything from crossword puzzles to arithmetic difficulties to a humorous conundrum.


In the bowl, how many fish are left?

Today’s brainteaser, in my opinion, is pretty difficult. You might recall doing something similar in high school. But, after all these years, let’s test whether you can still think beyond the box.

I circulated this problem across the company, and only a few people were able to solve it. Are you up to the challenge?

Let’s see how it goes now – the problem is shown in the image below!

how many fish are left?


There are ten fish in a bowl

  • 2 drown
  • 4 suddenly die
  • 3 swim away


In the bowl, how many fish are left?

Now consider that for a moment. It might not be as straightforward as it appears at first.


The right number of fish is as follows

Consider it carefully so that you may be confident in the solution you choose. Below, you can see the answer!


The answer is that ten fish are still in the dish.

Fish can’t drown since they can breathe underwater, and they can’t swim away because they’re in a bowl. And, of course, if any of the goldfish died, they would still be in the bowl.

That is precisely the question – how many are still alive in the bowl, not how many are still alive.

Did you come up with the correct solution on your own? Congratulations! That implies you have to be a genius!!

The solution may be found below!


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