Five-Year-Old Boy Rescues Sister from a Burning House and Goes Back In to Save the Dog

Now I think that superheroes exist, and that they do not have to be fully grown guys in capes. Noah Woods, a quick-thinking, brave five-year-old from Bartow County, Georgia, recently saved his entire family from an electrical fire breakout at their house. Noah is one of the rare children to get the Lifesaving Award after assisting a total of seven individuals to escape from a burning residence.

Noah’s family was sleeping when an electrical fault caused a fire in their home. Noah shares a room with his 2-year-old sister, Lily, and as soon as he noticed the flames and smoke, he grabbed her and helped her out the window, which was the only way out at the moment. No one knows how he accomplished this accomplishment, but he did it without hesitation.

He dove back inside the blazing house to save the dog and then dashed to his uncle’s house next door for assistance. Other others were trapped inside the burning house and were sleeping. Noah saved seven individuals and no one died. His sister received slight burns to her feet but was otherwise unharmed. Smoke inhalation and minor burns were treated for Noah and four other members of his family.

The small boy’s fast thinking saved countless lives and prevented a massive disaster.

He now aspires to work as a police officer.

Noah had stated that he wanted to be a superhero, but following his latest rescue event, he now wishes to be a police officer, according to CBS News.

During a ceremony honoring Noah on Friday, Fire Department Chief Dwayne Jamison remarked, “Normally our firemen are being acknowledged… but we’re here today to recognize one of our local heroes.” “Noah’s heroic efforts that day saved the family’s life, therefore we want to honor him today,” said the family.

Jamison told CNN [2], “We’ve seen youngsters notify their family previously.” “However, for a 5-year-old to be attentive enough to achieve this is rather remarkable.”

In a congratulatory event conducted by the Fire Department, Noah received the Lifesaving Award and was made an honorary fireman. To honor his incredible bravery, he was given his own sparkling firefighter helmet and a badge.

At the press briefing, his relative stated, “This youngster right here is very warm-hearted.” “I feel proud and fortunate to be a part of this family and to be able to celebrate Noah today. Heroes, I’ve heard, come in various forms and sizes. This week, he demonstrated to me that age is a factor as well. It astounds him that a 5-year-old can go out and save his entire family,” he added.

Noah’s grandfather David Woods said on GoFundMe, “By the grace of God, all nine of our loved ones were able to get out of our house.” “We might not be here today if it weren’t for Noah.”

Noah’s family created this GoFundMe account to raise cash from kind-hearted individuals after their house was damaged. Noah and Lily, who have been strong in the face of adversity, are deserving of a wonderful home once more. Let us all rally behind the family as they work to regain their footing.

Superhero Noah, you deserve a pat on the back. More bold individuals like you are needed in the world.


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