Can You Solve This Tricky Math Riddle? Only Super Smart People Can

Our brain, like our bodies, requires training through physical activity and a balanced diet.

It’s self-evident that we can’t force our brain undertake stretching exercises or even squats. But we can absolutely get it to do brain-teasers like puzzles and riddles. These kind of mental activities have been shown to be beneficial to your health.

Solving crossword puzzles and riddles.

Since childhood, puzzles and riddles have shown to be quite beneficial. For example, you may have dealt with them as a youngster merely for the sake of having fun. There were a lot of puzzles in our school publications. Anyway, you were subconsciously developing a habit of using your intellect in every circumstance you encountered. To continue, well-developed problem-solving and thinking abilities are extremely beneficial in both everyday life and job management. Solving logical problems can therefore aid in the development and improvement of such abilities. In the end, puzzles and riddles can assist you in learning new skills, and learning new skills causes your brain to evolve!

Take a look at this puzzle.

Take a look at this puzzle. It’s in the form of a match question, but it also contains a logical issue. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about? Try it on your own first, but if you’re having trouble, you may check the correct solution, which is supplied for you!

“When I was 4 years old, my brother was half my age. Now I’m 18. How old is my brother?”

Solution: Your brother was half your age when you were four years old, which meant he was two years old. That means the age gap between you two is merely two years. As a result, if you are 18, your brother must be 16. Some individuals choose “nine” since they are half-age from 18, without considering the math problem rationally. This is just incredible! That, my friend, is how mind-stretching exercises are done!


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