Revealing Personality Test: Do You See This Man Inside or Outside His House?

My wife enjoys taking personality tests and frequently enlists my assistance in doing so. I don’t like them as much as she does, but I must confess that I’ve learned a lot about myself as well as about her in the process. It’s fascinating to see how close the various tests get it correct when it comes to our perceptions of things and how we think about certain topics. Personality tests are quite popular right now, but they have a lengthy history. Even Hippocrates, the Greek physician, thought that individuals were classified into four fundamental personality types. The many kinds were unique but yet overlapped with one another.

Personality tests aren’t exactly new. The Myers-Briggs, DISC Assessment, and, more recently, the complex Enneagram exam are the most popular. Simple ones that ask you one question and tell you anything about yourself are my favorites. How do you view the image below, for example? Is the man inside or outside the residence? Is he in and out of the house at the same time? Your response says a lot about your personality.

If he’s in the house

If you imagine the man inside his home, you dislike confrontation and will do everything it takes to avoid it. If you can avoid an argument or a conflict, you’d rather not even have a conversation with someone. You, on the other hand, don’t lack bravery. If you observe two individuals arguing, you should try to break it up and assist them in making peace.

If he’s not in the house

If the man you see is seated outside the home, you are someone who values honesty in yourself and others. You’re a determined individual who intends to accomplish what you want regardless of what others think. This may get you in trouble at times, but it’s worth it to you to be independent and self-sufficient. You prefer to have a clear mind and view things in black-and-white terms.

If he’s inside and outside the house at the same time

You’re a creative person who wants to do their own thing if you see the man both inside and outside the house. You emerge from the ashes, like a phoenix, and find a way to succeed. For you, the decision between the difficult and the simple is a simple one. You’ll always choose the harder but more fascinating path. You’re a smart thinker who enjoys making a difference.


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