Moving Video Of Teen with Down Syndrome Visiting His Mom’s Grave to Share His News

This recent graduate wanted to make sure his mother was aware of his accomplishment.

Your mother and father are the individuals with whom you want to share your accomplishments the most throughout your life. You want to demonstrate what you’ve accomplished and what you’re capable of accomplishing. This was the case lately for a young Down syndrome youngster who wanted to share the news of his graduation with his mother, who died in 2010.

To convey his great news, the young guy went to his mother’s cemetery with flowers in his hands. “Mommy, I have something to say,” the new graduate, dressed dapperly in a red tie and nice khakis, said poignantly as he approached the grave. “I completed the task! Yes, I did! “I received my diploma today…”

This was the result of the teen’s and his support network’s hard work and dedication. And his mother would have been overjoyed at what her gorgeous son has accomplished today, and how his love for her has inspired him to go out there and show her, and the rest of the world, what he is capable of.


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