Premature and Underweight, baby Emanuele’s Success Is a Sign of Hope

His doctor told the world about this baby’s miraculous recovery, and the tale has gone viral.

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s normal to think about infants. Every birth is a symbol of hope, especially in these uncertain times. These concerns, on the other hand, make us appreciate life, which is much more valuable since it is fleeting.

With the surge of COVID-19 cases and fatalities, we are continually reminded of our own mortality. But it’s not all doom and gloom. New life are being born as well.

Some of these little newborns are already demonstrating their strength and perseverance, overcoming hurdles to their survival and inspiring us in unique ways. Little Emanuele, pictured in this photo in the arms of physician Dr. Attilio Barbarulo, is one such case.

28 ounces of power

In November, we received Emanuele’s tale from the Umberto I Hospital in Nocera, Italy. Dr. Barbarulo shared the great news on Facebook, which made it widely known. Thousands of others have commented and shared the message, demonstrating that we are all buoyed up by the miracle of life triumphing over death, now more than ever.

Emanuele was born prematurely in August, with a tragic family background. His mother had previously suffered eight or nine miscarriages, and Emanuele’s health was in jeopardy.

He wasn’t born too early (at 27 weeks), but he barely weighed 28 ounces, or roughly 1.75 pounds, at birth (the average birth weight for babies is 7.5 pounds). At the Umberto I Hospital’s newborn intensive care unit, he was in good hands. Despite the fact that the little infant had an infection after birth, Dr.Barbarulo informed Italian news source Corriere della Sera that everything went as well as could be expected and that the infection was treated.

In November, three months later, the physicians pronounced him fit to return home. “Everyone at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Nocera salutes the victorious fighter. I wish him a long and happy life!” Dr. Barbulo made a post on Facebook.

The presence of Emanuel is a powerful symbol of good. Dr. Barbarulo, who cared for the baby, sees Emanuele’s narrative through a religious lens: “Emanuele is a name that originates from Hebrew and means: God (is) with us,” he writes on Facebook.

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Posted by Attilio Barbarulo on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, he expands on his faith-filled outlook. When asked how it feels to save a newborn’s life, he informed the reporter: “It’s our responsibility; it’s what we do for a living. Then you understand what you’ve done when the parents thank you. It’s really touching. Similarly, when we don’t achieve, it’s usually a huge disappointment. But we are in the hands of the Lord; He is the one who makes the decisions. “A newborn kid reflects God’s determination that the world must continue on,” Carl Sandburg wrote.

This sharpness of seeing is energizing. He’s a doctor who puts his profession in its correct context: he’s a participant in a wonderful event who resists the need to claim credit for salvation.

Being a member of a project that is larger than we can do on our own brings us enormous delight. We are collaborators in an achievement above our own ability because of the efforts of numerous individuals (first and foremost, God).

When it comes to the life of a kid, this joyous appreciation is extremely powerful. When things go terrible in the world, Charles Dickens uses the cry of a newborn infant named Oliver Twist to offer to his contemporaries the notion that God nevertheless presents himself to be our traveling companion amid the noisiness that precedes a birth.

For us, a kid is born

Despite the many challenges of his early delivery, Emanuele is doing well. His narrative reminds us of the Christmas miracle that we are still rejoicing over.

In difficult circumstances, in a secluded location, a Child was born—and it was certainly Emmanuel, God with us. Hope is found in the insignificance of a newborn infant now, as it was before.


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