How a Golfer with Down Syndrome Gave Her Dad A Valuable Life Lesson

Amy Bockerstette is one of many persons with Down syndrome who are willing to share their remarkable skills.

Amy Bockerstette recently made headlines when she became the first person with Down syndrome to compete in a national collegiate sporting competition. When “Amazing Amy” (as she’s called) took the tee, she wasn’t just creating history; she was also enjoying a lovely moment with her father.

“I enjoy spending time with my father. He’s a fantastic individual”, Bockerstette told CBS News, “He’s the finest parent I’ve ever had.” And her father, Joe, who also happens to be her caddy, feels the same way. He added, “Some of the greatest pleasant times of my life have been on the golf course with her.”

While Amy enjoys playing the game and spending time with her father, there are some additional benefits. “At competitions, I like making new acquaintances. “I’m having a good time,” the golfer remarked.

Along the way, she’s wowed others, including renowned golfer Gary Woodland. When Amy made par on the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale, which is known for its difficulty, he was blown away. Her remarkable abilities led to a video of her accomplishment being seen over 51 million times.

Joe, on the other hand, has had an even more powerful experience:

“You know, you go through a period of early grief over what you’ve given up with your disabled child. That, I’ve now discovered, was a bit of a blunder. The lesson here is that you can’t place any restrictions on individuals. It was foolish of me to believe Amy couldn’t accomplish what she has.”

Amy will hopefully continue to wow people with her talents if she lives up to her nickname. And while her daughter continues to conquer the golf world, her father can only hope for many more good days ahead.


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