Boston Baker and Entrepreneur with Down Syndrome Is Breaking Barriers

Collette Divitto is using her skills and passion to motivate others with disabilities and to shift perceptions.

Collette Divitto is a determined young lady who will not let anything stand in her way. When she was confronted with repeated rejection in the job market in 2016, she decided to start her own company. Collettey’s bakery in Boston is still doing strong four years later, and it’s giving out some very good signals.

Divitto’s goal is to “employ and encourage individuals of all abilities,” since he has Down syndrome. The rush and bustle in her kitchen can be seen in an NBC News film highlighting the young entrepreneur, where individuals from all backgrounds come together in a loving environment. Divitto is offering everyone an opportunity to pursue a work they like, from veterans with anxiety to homeless individuals who are lost.

It’s clear that the cookie specialist enjoys her work. She puts her heart and soul into her delectable sweets. But it’s not just about her baked products. Rosemary Alfredo, her mother, describes how her daughter has channeled her “love for baking” into a campaign for acceptance and equality.

Divitto echoes these sentiments, saying, “Do not focus on your impairments; instead, focus on your strengths, always, always, be who you are.”

Divitto shares her open heart with people in her community while being true to herself. During the epidemic, Colletey’s crew of bakers came together and packaged up their cookies to hand them to individuals in nursing homes and frontline workers – a gesture that Boston Police Commissioner William Gross saw and appreciated.

She is ready to take on whatever chances come her way, knowing that she has already broken through a huge barrier, while ensuring that other vulnerable individuals are viewed as the vital parts of society they are.

This lady is one of many persons with Down syndrome who are breaking down barriers and demonstrating that just because someone has a handicap doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be given chances. Look at this pictures bellow…


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