Mother Refuses To Have Her Baby Daughter’s Birthmark Removed Saying She Should Decide On Her Own When She Is Older

When this couple’s newborn daughter was born with a birthmark that covered a large part of her face, they could have had it removed straight away. Instead, they chose to depart. They claim they want to educate their kid that she is attractive regardless of her appearance. When she gets older, she should be able to decide whether or not to remove the mark.

Parents Choose Not To Remove Daughter’s Birthmark

Teaching your children to love themselves no matter what is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. It’s difficult for most individuals – especially young girls – to look in the mirror and be satisfied with what they see, especially in today’s world with social media, picture manipulation, and filters. For these parents, the huge birthmark on Harper’s face was both shocking and concerning. They had to determine whether or not to take it down.

“The birthmark was a tremendous shock to me, and I was so worried about how Harper would be treated as she grew up. People can be ruthless.” Ebony King, the mother, expressed herself.

The pregnancy was completely normal, and everything went according to plan, even the delivery. Of course, Ebony didn’t expect anything different from her darling baby girl.

“When she was born, Jamie said to me: She has a pretty huge birthmark on her face,” Ebony said. “I couldn’t believe she was hiding half of her face. I was probably in shock at the time, and it wasn’t until two weeks later that I simply sat down and wept my heart out. I wasn’t sobbing for myself, but for Harper and all the discrimination she’d encounter in the future.”

A Beautiful And Unique Baby

Ebony and her husband Jamie debated the matter for quite some time. The mark is completely safe and does not offer any health hazards. The possibility of being shunned and bullied by her classmates, on the other hand, is quite real. They ultimately concluded, however, that the decision was not theirs to make.

“It’s like a part of her to us, and we can’t picture her without it,” Ebony added. “Her elder siblings refer to it as her’special mark,’ and we agree that Harper is unique. With her birthmark, she is even more lovely, and we will make sure to tell her that every day.”

Melanocytic Naevus (Congenital Melanocytic Naevus)

Harper’s birthmark is characterized as a congenital melanocytic naevus. At birth, they are benign tumor-like abnormalities in the skin. They are caused by a defective pigment cell formation in a developing embryo.

One with a face as big as Harper’s is extremely unusual – one in 20,000, to be exact.

The parents were offered removal surgery by the physicians. The procedure, on the other hand, is not simple. It entails skin grafts and a lengthy healing period. Since her birth, the mark has faded slightly, but it will never be completely gone.

“We’ve chosen to postpone the operation until Harper is old enough to make her own decision,” said the family. It’s a major project, and she should make the final decision.” Ebony adds.

She’s a feisty, naughty young child, according to Ebony and Jamie. Her siblings adore her despite her birthmark. Harper’s distinctive mark is what the entire family refers to it as, and they can’t picture her happy little face without it. They are aware that she will experience difficulties as a result of it, but they are prepared to assist her in overcoming them.

“It is our responsibility to make her feel unique and to show her how the birthmark enhances her beauty.”


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