Ladies, If You’ve Been Taught To Hold Your Keys Like This For Self Defense, You’re Doing It Wrong

Let’s be honest for a moment, ladies. Have you ever kept your keys in your hand as a kind of self-defense while out late at night or whenever you feel threatened? Because I’ve done it before.

Fortunately, we may employ a variety of self-defense techniques to give ourselves a fighting chance if the unthinkable occurs.

Many girls, for example, may now take self-defense lessons at school, allowing them to practice getting out of dangerous situations. And, of course, there is a way for self-defense that we all know and use on a daily basis — keys for self-defense.

Keys for self-defense: a tried-and-true strategy

First and foremost, if you are unfamiliar with this strategy, I strongly advise you to stay. When you’re out in public alone, this might make you feel a lot safer.

Through a TikTok on her account, TikTok user @Faesfx educated women everywhere the proper way to carry keys for self-defense.

We’re apparently holding keys for self-defense incorrectly.

@faesfx says, “I’ve noticed a number of ladies claim they’re carrying their keys like this to feel safe.” “If I punch, that key will go back into me and hurt me,” says the narrator.

Instead, try this.

To employ keys for self-defense, make a fist with your longest key. Of course, if you don’t have a long key, you may get one from a local store.

Instead, @faesfx taught how to hold your longest key like this. “That key isn’t going anywhere,” says the narrator.

@Faesfx performs a demonstration with a friend in the same video. It demonstrates how holding her key in your fist gives you greater room to protect yourself.

Here’s the link to the whole video:


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