Wheel of Fortune Grand Prize Winner Donated All $145,000 Of His Winnings To Charity

Scott Kolbrenner decided that the greatest use of the money he won on Wheel of Fortune would be to donate it all to two of his favorite organizations.

Scott figured out the $100,000 top prize problem, “Flowing white robe,” with the clue “What are you wearing?” During the event, he won a total of $145,000. Before the show, Scott spoke with his wife, and they both decided that whatever he received, if anything, they would donate it to charity.

Scott remarked, “It’s been a sad period.” “When I went on the program, I was just having fun, and I told my wife, ‘If I do OK here, whatever I earn, let’s give it to charity.’ We’re really blessed. Let’s see if we can help those people who aren’t as lucky as us.”

His family was taken aback when they learned how much he had won, but they were thrilled to support his desire to help others. “Everyone in our life was really taken aback by it, and they were ecstatic,” he added.

Scott will contribute the $145,000 to two charities: Uplift Family Services and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, as a lifelong admirer and viewer of Wheel of Fortune.

Uplift Family Services is one of California’s largest and most comprehensive mental health treatment centers. Every year, they go above and beyond to assist more than 35,000 children and families cope with and recover from problems resulting from past trauma, such as severe neglect and abuse, as well as develop the basic life skills they need to succeed at home, at school, and in their communities.

Every month, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank feeds over 300,000 individuals, including children, the elderly, and the homeless.

When Scott was gifted with a wealth, he decided to give it all to people in need, filling his heart with an everlasting reward of joy.


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