4-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Can’t Stop Smiling As She Walks The Runway In Fashion Show

After walking the runway in a fashion show for models with disabilities, a four-year-old girl with Down syndrome has won hearts and inspired inclusiveness.

Francesca Rausi, who is just four years old, performed an amazing job walking the whole runway circle while waving, laughing, and being cheered on by an ecstatic audience. Many people saw that she was beaming from ear to ear the whole time she was in Malta for the charity event.

Francesca walked the runway with over 20 other young models with impairments, ranging in age from 4 to 24. The event not only allows our loved ones with disabilities to show off their talents, but it also works to question society’s idea of beauty.

The fashion show creates a welcoming environment for the millions of people with Down syndrome and disabilities throughout the world to see that they, too, are stunning.

Michelle Rausi, Francesca’s mother, is extremely proud of her daughter, who has already won several modeling and fashion competitions. She won the Best Cutie Little Model award, as well as the Best Junior Super Model award, during a charity event in Malta.

In an interview with Metro UK, Michelle said, “Francesca has been modeling since she was very little.” “She adores it, and she was the first toddler in Malta to enter a modeling competition, where she won junior top model.”

She walked the runway with Madeline Stuart, a 23-year-old model with Down syndrome who was the first model with Down syndrome to ever walk the catwalk in a fashion show. Madeline, who has been questioning society’s notion of beauty for years, is admired by both Francesca and her mother.

Michelle is optimistic that her daughter will one day realize her ambition of being a professional model, and she backs her up because she is also working to raise global awareness about Down syndrome.

While some new parents are initially concerned about their kid being diagnosed with Down syndrome, the fact is that each child has a purpose and will be able to have a complete, happy, and lovely life. Down syndrome affects one out of every 1000 children, and it is estimated that more than 250,000 households in the United States have a loved one with the extra chromosome 21. As the public becomes more aware and empathetic about Down syndrome, many businesses have begun to hire persons with the condition.

Francesca has now walked in five events, and her mother claims she is “very comfortable” on the runway. Miss Little Christmas was awarded, as well as Best Photo in her category, to the adorable little child. She has her own Instagram account, and it appears that she has a promising career ahead of her.

Her mother remarked, “I get really emotional seeing her because I see the happiness in her eyes.” “It’s completely out of this world.”

The fashion event was created by charity organizer Tiziana Randisi, who credits her inspiration to being able to create a place of inclusiveness for persons with various impairments. “Our objective is to achieve true inclusion by breaking down the mental barriers of people who view disability as a barrier,” she added. “Instead, we regard it as a resource and a wealth to be shared,” says the author.

Francesca is clearly enjoying herself, as seen by her smile in the video below:

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