Crows Bring Gifts To 8-Year-Old Girl Who’s Been Feeding Them For 4 Years

Kindness does not expect anything in return, yet every good deed is rewarded in some manner. Although children adore animals, not all of them develop real friendships with them.

The unique narrative of a young girl from Seattle, Washington, and her crows, on the other hand, captivated the entire globe. Gabi Mann has a long history of feeding birds.

They were such good friends after a time that the birds began leaving her little gifts!

All of the lovely gifts are kept in a storage box in labeled bags so that the little girl may remember all of the vital information. For example, she has a bag labeled “Black table near feeder. 2:30 p.m. 09 Nov 2014.” that contains a damaged light bulb.

Her favorite present is a pearl-colored heart, although she has also received a variety of other items, including buttons, foam pieces, pearls, Lego parts, and paper clips.

Gabi thinks the gifs demonstrate how much the crows adore her. In 2011, when she was just four years old and had a propensity of spilling food, she began feeding the crows by mistake.

Crows began to approach her, checking to see whether she had dropped anything edible.

She discovered they were hungry as she grew older and began to feed them on her route to and from the bus stop. After a while, the crows at the bus stop began to wait for her. They frequently ate her and her brother’s whole meal.

The entire family grew to adore the crows over time, and Gabi and her mother have been feeding them every day since 2013. They left peanuts and dog food, as well as fresh water in the backyard birdbath. The birds gathered on the telephone wires while they worked, crying out to them loudly.

The birds also left a little shining present for their companion over time, such as a screw, a button, or a polished pebble. However, some of the presents, such as a piece of metal with the word “best” stamped on it, are quite important to Gabi.

Gabi thinks it’s amusing that a crow may be wearing “the part that says ‘friend'” out there somewhere.

It is possible to form a relationship with a crow, according to John Marzluff, a professor of animal science at the University of Washington, but one must “be persistent in rewarding them.”

He goes on to say that he has seen birds give presents to others, but they aren’t always attractive or sparkly. Gabi has also been given some nasty presents, such as a decaying crab claw.

Gabi’s mother, Lisa, has a favorite present as well: a camera lens cap that was once hers but was misplaced in an alley near their home.

When she looked at the bird cam, she noticed that the crows had returned it: “You can see it carrying it back into the yard.” She takes it to the birdbath and spends some time washing the lens cap. I’m sure that was done on purpose. They keep a constant eye on us. I’m sure they were aware that I had dropped it. I’m sure they made the decision to return it.”

Lisa went on to say that her kid enjoyed watching the birds eat and that she even given the crows nicknames and could recognize them just by looking at them.

“Crows are extraordinarily clever, sociable, and playful, and they’re one of the few bird species that’s been shown to have individual human facial recognition,” according to The National Audubon Society, a charity that preserves birds. With all of these elements in play, it’s simple to understand why they’d have such a strong social and interactive bond with this family.”


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