World War II Hero Celebrates 107th Birthday Alone as no One’s Allowed to Visit – Let’s Wish Him the Best One <3

Whether or whether someone is sick, everyone can help halt the spread of COVID-19 in their own unique way. Many nations are dealing with the outbreak by isolating cities in order to safeguard the most vulnerable citizens, who are at increased risk of developing health issues.

People who celebrate their birthdays during lockdown are compelled to do so alone or with their closest friends and family. Due to the epidemic, a combat veteran who survived World War II and the Spanish Flu celebrated his birthday alone in England.

Reg Lewis was a World War II soldier who served in India and Singapore. He is an industrious man, since he worked until he was 93 years old.

Unfortunately, due to coronavirus precautions in England, his family was unable to give him a visit on his 107th birthday. His caregivers, on the other hand, didn’t want him to feel lonely, so they threw him a party.

Christine Candlish, the chief executive of South Devon Rural Housing, said: “Everyone like Reg, and the team is ecstatic to see him add another year to his incredible list of personal achievements. The present health crisis clearly puts a strain on care home employees and patients – particularly their loved ones who are unable to visit.”

She went on to say that it was their responsibility to safeguard and keep their citizens safe during these challenging times. They made certain that all of his pals were present to celebrate his birthday with him.

Reg was born in 1913, only a year before Second World War broke out. He also experienced the Spanish Flu pandemic. He has lived under four kings and twenty-one British Prime Ministers.

Despite the fact that his family was unable to visit him and celebrate his big day with him, he was not forgotten and had the celebration he deserved.

We’d like to wish him a very happy birthday and wish him many more!


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