Homeless Man: ‘What Can I Get for $0.50?’–Boy’s Answer Is Wise Beyond His Years

Anyone who works in the hospitality sector understands how demanding it can be. Customers who are “always right,” have lousy attitudes or have no manners, and the list goes on and on. But after hearing this tale, we couldn’t help but wonder… How much happier would every industry be if more employees like Matthew Resendez worked there? It all began on a typical day at Burger King, when a homeless man entered the fast-food establishment where Matthew works. The man walked in with unkempt clothes and an untidy appearance.

None of this deterred Matthew from treating the man as a human being, as he does everyone else. He asked Matthew if there was anything on the menu he could buy with his change, which totaled 50 cents. Matthew replied a question with a question, knowing that the man would be unable to pay anything on the Burger King menu. He asked the man what he would buy if he had the money, and he said anything that would relieve his aches and pains.

The Epitome of Hospitality for a Homeless Man

We’ll pick up the narrative again in a moment because Matthew’s mother stated it best. She took to Facebook to tell people about what her caring son accomplished throughout his shift!

Moment of pride as a mother! This evening, Matthew was working in the restaurant when a homeless man strolled in with.50 cents and asked if there was anything on the menu he could buy. Matthew inquired as to what he would get if he had the option, and the man stated that anything would alleviate his hunger pains. So Matthew rang him up for a big dinner and then paid for it with his own debit card. He gave him the receipt and urged him to sit down and relax. The story could finish there with a pleasant ending, but my kid was allegedly observed by a woman during his random act of kindness. She not only wrote the firm to inform them of the compassionate person they had on staff, but she also gave my son a very big tip!

The homeless are frequently treated with contempt and are simply cast aside by society. Employees or managers routinely remove homeless persons out of businesses with little to no explanation. Whether it’s food or good words, those small acts of kindness can make a big difference. Matthew’s story of generosity has already reached millions of people, and we hope it will continue to do so! Stories like this one give us hope for the future of the globe and for future generations.


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