Special Bond Since Mama’s Womb: Sweetest Video Of Twin Babies Cuddling Each Other In The Sleep

We all know that twins have a special bond compared with other siblings. We have all heard the stories of how they can perceive each other, their physical pain and how they experience intense emotions. And, of course, there is the infamous “changing” trick, in which one twin in a class at work steps in for the other. But this special bond does not begin when they are old enough to change places in math classes, but when they are much young. Take these twins for instance. They lift each other up and like to cuddle each other. Twins start connecting with each other much earlier than you can even imagine, in the mother womb.

Dr. Umberto Castiello, an Italian researcher at the University of Padova, demonstrated this using ultrasound, which simultaneously records five pairs of twins in the womb to see how unborn twins interact.

Like ordinary siblings, twins share an important environment in the womb. Starting from the 14th week of pregnancy, the twin fetus plans and executes movements aimed at the co-twins, the authors write, noting that the context makes it possible for the twin and the other direct action to be not only possible, but also predominant, self-directed. This predisposition to social interaction is present from birth and can be expected if the twins interact in some form”, Dr Castiello said.

Adorable Twin Babies Cuddle In Bed

These sleepy twins cuddling is the most adorable thing I've ever seen ??

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Twins are literally made to co-twins. Lucky for us, that means lots of sweet pictures of newborn twins cuddling.

Can twin babies sleep together in one bed?

Twin babies are cute, but sleeping habits can be a problem, especially when they love to cuddle. Twin babies should sleep in the same bed, that’s why are called co-bedding. And all these, because they’re so small. There are some gains of co-bedding:

  • Body temperatures in control
  • Sleeping cycles are much improved
  • Comfort of sibling to soothe them

Experts warn against the Moses basket because it is too small to fit in without security. Instead of a double bed for your twins, it is best to use a single bed. Place your twins on their backs, head to each other and feet on the opposite end of the cot, side by side, with their backs on their feet and feet apart on the bed. If twins are used to sharing a confined space with their co-twins, they are expected to feel more comfortable sharing a cot together.

Diapers are a good technique to give your baby extra comfort. Narrowing diapers prevent babies from being awakened by natural shock reflexes. Diapers work best in newborns. After a month or two, your baby may have outgrown the comfort effect.

To help the twins recover, experts advise mimicking their usual quiet environment. Keep the room dark, reduce noise, use fan and add white noise while regulate their temperature. As your twins get older, they also get bigger, first slowly and then faster.

Consider separate cots as they grow

This is the ideal time to divide your twins into separate cots. Just because the twins are sitting on their own cots does not mean that they are depriving each other of comfort. You can place a cot next to one of them for soothing purposes. If necessary, they can also cuddle on the bar of their cot.

Having twins can be a challenge at first. Having a twins can also be an amazing experience. They will have inside jokes, secret languages and a special bond that will develop over the years. Don’t be sad when your twins get older and their adorable cuddling becomes less common.


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