Yes, They’re Twins! One Black, One White ‘What’s Important Is Love’

As you may have read, black and white twins share the same biological parents, making them a group of biracial twins. The story that came out was so inspiring and special that we had to share it. Kalani and Jerani Dean were born in April 2016 in Quincy, Illinois, to their parents Tomas Dean and Whitney Meyers, and their parents are proud to be parents to these two beautiful children whom they call their best friends.

If the birth of twins is not enough of a surprise, imagine the shock you get when you give birth to biracial twins. Mum and Dad found out that they have given birth to black and white twins. “You know, it’s so strange. I never thought I would have twins. She was so white. Someone asked if she was albino, but she was white. A few minutes later, it came out a little darker. “I was surprised myself because it was a bit lighter but I thought babies are like that when they are first born. Couple of minutes later, her sister comes out little bit darker. In a million years I never thought I’d have a girl with blue eyes. I don’t think I could have done it”.

Nobody Believes They are Black and White Twins

Whitney explained that nobody believes they’re twins, but dressing them in matching outfits made everything more believable. “They looked different in other ways, such as eye color and facial features. It wasn’t hard to see, but having different skin tones made it harder to believe. But when they looked at their smiles and Whitney put them on, I thought they were twins”.

The girls bear a striking resemblance to their older brother Jarani, who look just like Thomas’s other son Pravyn. Unfortunately, he could never meet his sister. He died in daycare while swimming. Kalani looks similar to Talan, and he loves to read to his twin sisters before bed. His father says he is an amazing big brother to his little sisters.

Dr. Bryce, a medical geneticist at the University of California, says that “the physical characteristics seen in humans are only a small part of the genetic diversity of the human population. Most of the time we focus on what our eyes can see but what we see is only the tiny tip of the iceberg of genetic diversity in our population. If you flip a coin eight times, it goes upside down eight times. It’s because you have a bunch of genes. And these genes have been mixed up, so you can get all sorts of results”.

This Family Also Has Black and White Twins

Kirsty Cunningham from Ohio has a set of beautiful biracial twins. She says she doesn’t mind the media attention they bring and that she hopes her family will be an inspiration. “We feel obliged to share our story with others. We think that we have given them a positive purpose, which is to educate the ignorant on the fact that all these things are possible, and to start a discussion about race in America”.

Dean, the twins’ father, said he hopes many people will see that color isn’t the biggest thing. “No one on this earth is allowed to stand in a queue and choose the color of his skin. Certain colors are not achievements to be proud of. It’s just a chance that we’re brown, black and white. Sometimes mysterious things happen in life that are a blessing. But the most important thing is love, and it always has been and always will be”.

Inspiring Love

We live in a world where racism is rife. Today we want to show you something beautiful and unique that reminds each of us how often we forget that everyone is human and should be loved and respected regardless of race.


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