Florida Man Wrestles His Puppy From Jaws of Alligator: VIDEO

There are few places in the world where dog owners have to worry about their precious pets being eaten by alligators, but Florida has them. Look at these incredible footage from wildlife cameras showing a man rescuing his puppy from the clutches of an alligator. On his way to the pond in her backyard, the alligator shot out of the water and dragged Gunner into the pond. Without hesitation, the man jumped into the water to rescue his dog. I never thought an alligator could be this fast.

Instinct took over, and “the adrenaline kicked in and he went straight into the water with the alligator gunner,” he recalled. He grabbed an alligator and began pulling at his mouth to open his jaw. After a few moments, he finally succeeded.

The entire scene was captured by a wildlife camera established by Florida Wildlife Federation and FSTOP Florida. After the shooter freed the alligator, he ran home and carried the small dog back to the house. His wife was not shocked by her condition. “He had a small dog and was covered in blood,” she said.

Thanks to Willbank’s swift response, the story has a happy ending. The shooter has only a small stab wound to his abdomen, which resulted in a short trip to the vet. The fight with the alligator injured his hand, but a visit to the doctor and a precautionary tetanus shot did not help.

Despite his catastrophic collision with the alligator, Willbanks does not want the animal removed from the pond. It is in line with the mission of the Wildlife Federations to encourage people and animals to live together on common land. The pond is my backyard, where an alligator lives. Alligators are part of nature, part of our lives, he said.

He keeps Gunner on a leash when they walk on the property and keeps a 10-foot distance between them and the edge of the pond. Still, he’s a little more cautious than he should be.


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