School Teaches Girls How To Change Tires and Check Oil Levels as Part of New Initiative

Australian schools are teaching girls vital skills that are not home typical. Stella Maris College has hired Galmatic to teach 11th grade students these skills. Students learn how to control tire pressure, monitor coolant and oil levels and react in case of car accident. The all-female Galmatics Team, encircled by four women, specialized in helping Australian women and teens feel comfortable behind the wheel through practical car maintenance workshops and online courses.

School Teaches Girls About Cars

In previous courses, a years ago,  girls were supposed to cook, sew, and do housework. Boys were taught how to prepare food and maintain an orderly home. They had to eat as well and maintain a clean appearance of the room. But basic cooking and cleaning skills should not be a gender-specific, as well as car repair and maintenance.

Let’s say, for example, there is a woman’s car breaks down and she does not know how to fix or prevent the situation. It would be dangerous for them to stand stuck on the side of the road and waiting for a mercy of strangers. Learning these valuable car skills could prevent such situations.

Elani Mitakos has been led Galmatic for 13 years and noted that these workshops are not just for the students, but for all around as well. The primary goal is for young people to feel comfortable behind the wheel. With 13 years of experience teaching more than 100,000 teens and high school students a year, the company has developed jam-packed workshops to perfect their life skills and program outcomes. The workshops are interactive, practical and can be viewed on the Galmatic website. “We teach about 100,000 teenagers a year in schools in this part of Sydney”, Mitakos says.

They drive large vehicles that are expensive and not maintained. “We do not stress our students that you should never ignore a problem with your car, you must address it for your own safety”.

Posted by Stella Maris College, Manly on Thursday, October 22, 2020

Empowering Girls on the Road

No previous knowledge is required to participate. Lessons are about two hours and include basic practical knowledge of vehicle maintenance. Stella Maris College deputy principal, Amy Smith, said students who attended the workshop found it valuable. “We had three groups of about 40 girls who we had invited to an event on the school grounds, “Smith said.

Stella Maris College posted photos on its Facebook page and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The feedback was very positive. All the teachers and our principal, Elizabeth Carnegie, felt that the workshop was beneficial for many reasons: these are skills that girls need to learn before leaving school. It is important to show them that they are able to deal with situations like this and that they have someone they can rely on.

“This is exactly the kind of education our children need, and the school is doing just that. This is how Stella teaches our girls to be strong and independent. I wish everyone could join in and learn these skills. This are some of the comments.

Posted by Stella Maris College, Manly on Thursday, October 22, 2020

School Teaches Boys Domestic Skills

On the other side of the table, boys in Spain are learning traditional housekeeping skills. Everyone needs to know how to look after their homes and vehicles properly. Nowadays, there are male and female tasks. Girls can drive, own and in the same time boys can cook, clean and sew.

Colegio Montecastelo, a school in Vigo, Spain, runs a program to teach boys basic life skills, including domestic tasks. Gabriel Bravo coordinates the program, which includes everything from cooking to sewing and flower decoration. This enables our students to become aware and learn how to deal with themselves at home. It seems useful to them to learn to perform tasks so they can be involved from the outset when they start a family and know that a house is a matter of.


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