707-Pound Man Refused to Lose Weight, Said ‘I’ll Eat ‘Til I’m Dead’ Where is He Now?

Casey King was known in season two of TLC’s “Family Tons” as the man who refused to lose weight. A few years ago, at the age of 34, King weighed 707 pounds, had no money, no job and lived with his father. After appearing on the show, viewers knew King was the man who refused to lose weight.

‘I never thought I’d be at 34 years old out of work, with no real money, playing video games and eating all day. I need everything from my dad.” King said on camera.

A few years ago, he weighed 310 pounds and was working toward his goal of 250 pounds. But when the show began filming him and his cousin Amy Amanda, he was at an all-time low.

His weight prevented him from keeping his job, and he had no real path in life.

“My mom said, ‘To live in this house you have to have a job,’ so she kicked me out and the only place I had to go was my father’s, so I went there. Basically, his one thing he knew made me happy was food so we just ate like kings, but in the worse way.”

Under the guidance of a doctor, my father and I fundamentally changed the eating and exercise habits. My mother stepped in and helped me implement the changes. My father did the only thing he knew would make me happy, which was that the food we ate was king, but in a bad way.

As King gained more and more pounds, his ability to get a job became a pipe dream. He had to give up his job because his weight made his job difficult. He underwent weight loss surgery and made progress. Now 400 pounds lighter, King’s life looks very different.

He now works at Home Depot. In a post he shared on his Facebook and Instagram pages, King thanked the company for hiring him at a time when finding a job was difficult.

“I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given and I’m trying to take it and enjoy it. I do not know if I am able to cope with the hours, the night shift and all the responsibilities that come with it, but I am fine.”

In the past, flying was always extremely uncomfortable for King, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. Before, he required a seatbelt extension. Often those assigned to the seat next to him requested a different one because it was uncomfortable for them, too.

“I appreciate that you take care of yourself and enjoy the upcoming holidays. Thank you for the love, thank you for the birthday messages and thank you for the endless support. I feel good, I’ve just turned 36 and I know I have years to live and I’m happy and healthy and I feel good.”

King is proud of his progress but made it clear he is not finished. Given his target weight, he will continue to work hard and continue his lifestyle.

King has come a long way, from wearing sweats to bathing in a trough. But I refuse to give up on myself. With determination and outside help, anything is possible.

King has come a long way from when couldn’t wear anything but sweat clothes and had to bathe in a trough outside. “The man who refused to lose weight” is now an example of how it is never too late to turn your life around. With determination and external help, anything is possible.


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