Father Panics After His Wife Switches Their Baby Girl For Another Baby In Prank

A father had a panic attack after his wife change their little girl with another baby in a crazy prank and checked in with him to see the difference. Kat Stickler, from Florida, shared the hilarious prank video on social media in which she told her husband Mike she had help from a mother and her baby to outwit her husband. The video begins with Kat showing off her little girl and introducing her baby number one. She then shows off another baby who is only a few months older than her. Both are as dressed up as ever.

Here is baby number one, MK, we will swap them for baby number two. The mother sets up a recording device and causes herself to saunter out of the room, leaving MK in her pram in front of her husband. He has the baby and MK in the pram. This is where I come in to make the swap. That’s what Kat will do, he says.

The unsuspecting dad sits in front of the stroller and confusedly looks at the baby in front of him for a few seconds. He then gets up from his seat and leans towards the baby to take her off the stroller.

“This is not our baby. What are you? This is not our baby,” Mike shouts in panic.

Kat was saying: “What do you mean?”

Kat remained silent while her husband kept panicking. “This is not our baby, that’s not funny,” he yelled. But then she started laughing and got clean.

Kat laughingly replies:

“It’s Shannon’s, she’s right outside,’ while Mike sits down in relief, with his head in his hands.

“My heart is beating so fast, I thought you literally lost our child,” he says, before starting to laugh himself.


Why did I think he wouldn’t notice ??‍♀️ #coupleprank #momsoftiktok #4u #fyp #reaction

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