Japanese Man Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands of Flowers to Bring His Blind Wife Joy

If you love someone, you are ready to go to the end of the world to make them happy. It doesn’t matter what it takes to put a smile on their face, you will do anything to put a smile on their face. This is the kind of love that exists in every human being. Every single flower makes someone happy, and I think every garden should be flooded with thousands of beautiful, sweetly scented flowers.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki have been married from Japan for 64 years. They own a dairy farm in Shintomi, Miyazaki, Japan.

According to Metro News, they had planned to travel the country and see the world, but were unable to realize their dreams after Ms Kuroki lost her sight from complications caused by diabetes.

She was so traumatized that she withdrew, cut herself off from the world and spent hours a day in the house. When she was suffering, her loving husband decided to cheer her up. Although she could no longer see the world around her, he was determined to bring it back to her.

Mr. Kuroki has a small garden with pink Shibazakura flowers that people often admire. His wife loves the flowers, but he knew she would not see them, so he decided to plant more flowers in the fields of their dairy farm. He hoped that his wonderful fragrance would make his wife happy, and she would find joy in knowing that her husband was surrounded by thousands of blossoming little flowers planted with so much love.

But Mr. Kurokis’s plan was a success. At the end of his planting campaign there were thousands of flowers. Two years later, Mr. Kuroki had filled the garden with pink Shibazakura flowers.

The small dairy farm, which holds 60 cows, has become an important tourist attraction in Miyazaki. In neighboring cities, and other countries, people come to admire the garden. When the flowers bloom in spring, no less than 7,000 visitors flock to the garden every day to admire this wonderful scenery.

He brings the world closer to his wife, who is blind and has no sight at all, which makes it even more difficult for him to see.

While the flowers are in bloom, the beautiful Mrs. Kuroki can be seen walking through the garden, meeting people and socializing with a big smile on her face. Many people visit the garden and want to meet them.

If you are in Japan, you should visit them. They will inspire you to love what you have. That’s all that matters to her husband.


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