Baby With Down Syndrome Is Loved By Millions After Showing Adoptive Mom Her ‘New Smile’

“The universal language of happiness and goodness has the power to do everything in the world. That’s why people smile.”

The hearts of millions around the world have melted over an adorable little girl with Down syndrome. The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network saw the sweet video and captioned it: “New smile is the best smile.”  Her mother filmed her smiling, and it was the best moment of all.

Since it went viral, the video has received over 2.1 million views and more than 311,000 people have responded. The video also has over 36k comments.

Baby H was just eight months old when the adorable video was filmed. At the time, her adoptive parents were still preparing for the procedure.

As the baby lay under a blanket, the mother asked her how she was doing. She thought Baby H would put a smile on her lips, which made for the perfect video at the time.

She hopes more people see the beauty of babies with Down syndrome and ignore the scary things about the diagnosis. People diagnosed with Down syndrome are born with the disease. Babies like this have an extra chromosome, an extra set of genes, in their bodies.

These chromosomes determine the function of a baby’s body as it grows in the womb and at birth. They also determine how the baby’s body forms while the mother is pregnant. While a normal baby is born with 46 chromosomes, babies with Down syndrome are born with an additional copy of chromosome 21. This extra chromosome can alter the development of the baby’s brain and body, which can pose physical and mental challenges to the baby.

New Smile!

New smiles are the best smiles! #babygirl#smilingsweetie #Downsyndrome #Downsyndromeadoption #spreadingjoy

Posted by National Down Syndrome Adoption Network on Monday, October 7, 2019



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