At 10 Years Old, Boy Who Spent Two Years Growing His Hair, Donates it to Make Wigs for Kids With Cancer

According to Barbara de Angelis, goodness and love should never be wasted because they can make a difference and bless those who receive them and those who give them. This is a reminder that certain acts of kindness are among the best we will talk about and deserve attention because it is an original way to express kindness.

In 2014, Thomas Moore was only eight years old when his mother showed him a video of the then, 5-year-old Kyssi Andrews, a girl with cancer that lost her hair during chemo. The health of her and other children suffering from similar diseases hit him hard, and he began to think about how he could help them. He came up with the idea of giving something back to these children, idea to giving them hair to make wigs. This selfless act of kindness by Thomas stunned people. It also made him a superhero and his story went viral when his aunt shared it on social media and quickly garnered 57,000 likes.

Thomas deviated from his mother Angela, but after seeing Kyssi’s video, he began to look for an explanation for her situation. Angela explained the basics of cancer and how chemotherapy can lead to hair loss. She explained to Thomas the effects of drugs on cancer cells and their attacks on other healthy cells in the body. In this way, the drugs affect the cells that support hair at the root, the scalp and throughout the body.

She told him that people who undergo chemo not only lose their hair, but also feel a lot of pain. This has caused to lose so much hair at such a young age, she says, because it’s not easy. He decided not to cut his hair, and he grew up enough to make his mother two wigs.

He was unaware of how long it would take or how overwhelming the growth of his hair would be to match the radiant tastes of the girls. In an interview with Buzzfeed, his aunt Amber Ray described how committed he was to achieving his goal. It all started because his hair was too short.

She explained that at the time it was not easy to grow his hair for two years because he had a gentle scalp and his hair became tangled, which caused him a pain. Sometimes he was tempted to quit, despite the full support of the family. As soon as the Afro grew up, they harvested it to keep it beautiful and tame.

Two years ago, 10-year-old Thomas combed his hair into wigs in a salon. With his long strands of 17-inch fine hair, the stylist made three wigs.

In an interview with NBC4 in 2016, Tom’s mother said she was amazed by his boundless selflessness. She added that he was fantastic and that he felt he needed to help selflessly.

Thomas was famous at school two years ago because his hair was full and long. His only goal was – “the smile on the girls faces”. I was nervous going back to school with a haircut but it’s been worth it.

Experts believe children should be taught the virtues of kindness and charity from an early age. Adults have a duty to educate children about the joys of love and why they are beautiful. Thomas’s selfless act melted the hearts of the world who had heard of it and had not forgotten it.

Myyyy baby! I'm so proud of him! He's breathing all hard and smiling so BIG right now!!!#NewsWorthy #CoolKid #ProudMommy #TeamKyssi

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