Science Says Children Inherit Their Intelligence From Their Mothers

Mothers, now you pat yourself on the back for all the years of hard work and dedication to your child’s development. But if you want to find a smarter partner, there is a very scientific reason why you can thank your mother for your intelligence.

Common sense suggests that children inherit intelligence from both parents, but according to a study highlighted by Psychology Spot, a child’s intelligence comes from their mothers.

However, the study showed that certain genes can function differently depending on whether they come from the mother or the father. The genes that determine intelligence are on chromosome X, and if a woman carries two X chromosomes, her children are more likely to have intelligence from their mother.

Meanwhile, the study found that the father’s intelligence genes are disabled, but if you’re still unconvinced, try using evidence that dates back decades. Maternal IQ is a good indicator of intelligence, even taking into account other factors such as age, race, gender and educational level. In 1994, 12,686 people aged 14 to 22 were asked about their parents intelligence and family history.

Scientific hypotheses aside The New York Times has discussed a lot about why smart mothers raise smart children, and why they are smarter than smart fathers. Mothers often play the main role of the caregivers, but they are also the main architects of their children’s environment.

Moreover, research says older fathers have smarter sons, a big reason, but fathers don’t count yet. Scientists estimate that only about 20% of the difference in intelligence between men and women is hereditary, while other environmental factors also play a role.


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