Allow Yourself to Cry, It Doesn’t Make You Weak, It Makes You Emotionally Intelligent

Many people believe that it is a sign of their weakness to openly express their emotions, to keep them to themselves or to look strong in front of others.

We are so afraid to show our emotions because we believe it will lead to injury and that others will take advantage of us. It is perfectly understandable that there are people who want to harm us and make us laugh, but it is so much better to believe in a society that makes us believe that we are vulnerable to the world. There are many people who are just as vulnerable as we are, people who want to take advantage of us, and there are many more in life than people who want to do harm or make fun of me. It is therefore better to calm our emotions than to confront them in the head.

We should not let the cruel people of the world dictate our behavior, nor should we let their behavior dictate our own.

We do not need to learn to express our emotions for the sake of reason, we need them for other reasons. After all, charging emotions is really harmful to our mental health. So instead of locking up our feelings, hiding them and pretending that everything is OK, we might just have to shout loudly that it’s not OK.

We need to show the world that it is okay to cry sometimes because we are strong and independent, and that crying is okay because ignoring our feelings only increases our pain and perhaps even leads to depression. We cannot stop thinking that our crying makes us weak because it is not.

Expressing our feelings means that we are strong enough to face our deepest feelings, it makes us stronger and it means that we can face the challenges ahead without fear. Open crying in front of others just shows that you are not afraid to face your feelings. Crying can actually help you process your feelings and promote your mental and physical health. When we mature emotionally, we must be open with our emotions, because we are not afraid to face our feelings.

In addition, crying helps you to let go of negative emotions that you have kept within you and helps you channel your pain and anger in a healthy way. When you skip everything, you are calm and you feel relief, which makes you cry, and that is good for mental health.

It strengthens your immune system and helps you fight off the worst bacteria in your body, and it gives you the spiritual cleansing you so desperately need to restore your inner peace and feel yourself again.

In addition, crying in front of others shows that you are willing to be open about how you really feel and encourages you to face your own feelings. The people closest to you see that they are not afraid of their feelings or ashamed of them.

By letting your emotions run their natural course, you inspire others to do the same, and you feel relieved and liberated to accept yourself. There is nothing wrong with expressing an emotion in front of others, even if it is only for one or two moments at a time.


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