Sometimes You Just Need To Hear How Much You Mean To Someone

Many of us do not admit that it is very important for our loved ones to tell us how much we mean to them. After all, we are only as good as our best friend, spouse or even our children.

In truth, there are many ways to show someone that you love them and tell them what it means to be one of you. But words mean nothing if they do not coincide with deeds, and the need to hear that someone cares about you does not make you weak. The verbal expression of affection that someone feels for you is also extremely powerful. You are a sensitive person who has a heart and wants to give and receive love.

But you also have to be open and honest with yourself about your feelings, thoughts and emotions, even if it’s just a few words.

Well, selected words, mixed with measured emotions, are the basis for influencing people, and these words contain a lot of truth. Remember that strong and long relationships persist because two partners share emotions. It is not enough to know how much you love each other, but also how you mean to them.

It is necessary that your loved ones say from time to time how much they care about you, but it is also motivating, inspiring and stimulating. Listening to someone who expresses their appreciation is a feast for the ears and brings happiness and contentment. In fact, a relationship without romantic words will inevitably make your partner doubt and fear and end tragically. Listen constantly to what you mean to those you love, and it will make them love you even more.

This strengthens the bond you have established with the other person and makes the relationship more smooth, as words that reflect your actions increase trust between you and your partner.

In a relationship, should not give up, and should know that actions and words are equally important. If you are worried that your partner is not talking to you about how they feel about you, they would tell you.

It is important to tell your young children that they are loved, but it is actually the one who needs to hear them the most.

Children cannot always understand that someone cares for them through actions or personally, but when you tell them who you are, they feel loved. Remember that nothing is more important than having a parent who constantly shows your child how much they love you, and they love you no matter how often they have to show it.

Our language is a reflection of who we are and it is an expression of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, thoughts of love and love for our surroundings. In thinking, our language is about us, about our feelings and feelings for our family, friends, colleagues and even for ourselves.

Unfortunately, it does not seem so easy these days to tell our feelings to our parents and to people in general. For this reason, children raised by emotionally cold parents are unfortunately insecure and unsafe. The distanced of the parents usually affects the whole of life and the child usually becomes a victim of an alexithymia, which consists of the inability to define and identify emotions. Thus we grow up with a lack of understanding of our own emotions and feelings of love and love for others.

This leads to children bullying other children in the classroom, romantic partners arguing, being happy, colleagues not supporting each other and so on.

Another factor that has led to these sad situations is that people prefer to communicate through social media rather than seeing themselves in person. It seems that many of us are so busy that we don’t find time to tell our loved ones or others how much we care about them, or to do so anytime on social media instead. It is therefore absolutely essential to tell them personally from time to time what you are doing. Remember that the people you love need to be sure that you have loved them and that they love you too.

Communication is an essential part of any relationship and can therefore be one of the most important and enduring expressions of love. So never forget to use language effectively when it comes to love, and communication is essential in a relationship.


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