Pay Attention To How People Treat You. It’s A Reflection Of Who They Really Are

Most people keep secrets about themselves from the light of day, but if you know what to look out for, you can start to see what people are trying to hide from you. It is a kind of defense mechanism against unfriendly judgments, and a large part of our self-consciousness is held back by our failure to reveal our innermost functioning.

If you look closely and listen carefully, you can see how people reveal their own shortcomings to those who want to reproach them. This sense of self often manifests itself in aggression against others, and if you ever accuse a fraudster, they will accuse you of cheating.

However, it turns out that the person who makes the accusation is in fact the person who brought it in, and not the other way round.

You switch into defensive mode for a moment and you don’t quite understand why, but you might just want to level the score and make it look like you’re as bad as them.

Of course I didn’t cheat, but I got into a relationship and then got engaged to the man. It was only later, after the relationship ended, that I realized what was actually happening.

After I was accused of cheating, I got a glimpse of my terrible inner truth and it showed me something I should not have seen.

A liar will say that you are a liar, but only you know when should lie or tell the truth.

If you are caught lying, the libra would balance out, but if someone says you are a liar and you lie about something, he will show you something about himself, even if you know you are not. To distract oneself from one’s own tendency to lie is like cheating, and what others draw from it is a question of their ability or lack of trust in you. If you are lied to, you cannot be the liar no matter what you do.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can actually turn off the script and portray yourself as a liar, and you look less awful.

Then there are people who feel unsafe and therefore do everything in their power to make others, including you, feel unsafe.

Most tyrants bully themselves, and this behavior is at the core of the tyrant’s inner complex. They bully because they feel the need to “let the shit roll” and because this is the only way out of their situation.

The remarks that unsettle you are often subtle, but if you listen carefully, you will notice that you have opened a window that reveals your deepest insecurities.

Do not arm yourself with a gun, a knife or even a piece of paper with your name, address, phone number and email address.

The abuse you experience from others ultimately reflects who you are, not what they feel or do about you or what bothers you about them. Do not accuse them of anything, even if they accuse you of doing something completely untrue. The way people treat you reflects who they are and they try to dig into your heart and build your insecurity.


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