If You Want To Be Trusted, Be Honest

Most people behave in two versions of themselves: there is the version that you flaunt to the world, and then there is the version of yourself, the true version that you hide. Of course, everyone holds their cards close to their chest, but what about the other side of the coin?

Humans could be judgmental creatures, but there are few things we do not want to judge. It is easy to feel that there is someone worth being recognized and someone you should love. We want to have trust, we want to leave our mark on the person we are, so honesty is the only way we can be trusted, behave the way we do.

We screw up all the time saying the wrong things and we know the worst things about ourselves that no one knows about us.

We are afraid to show the world the true us, so instead we share with the people in our lives what makes us tick. If someone doesn’t like you, he’s not the one you want in your life anyway, and it’s likely that you’re blowing things out of proportion to you.

To show the world your personal philosophy, you must first show it to yourself and then to the people in your life who you love.

Tell them what went right, what went wrong, and tell them what times you won and lost, and what you will do.

Tell them who you really want and tell them what you really want from them, not just what they want, but from you.

Tell them what you want to study, what kind of career you want, where you want to travel, whom you want to meet and what kind of people you want to love.

This kind of honesty could make you feel vulnerable, but if you never behave in a vulnerable way, how can you expect someone to trust you?The authentic people in your life should be able to take into account the fact that someone is not lying to you. They are more likely to be self-regarding than others, and if they are true, they are more trustworthy than someone who lies.

When you open up, you make it clear that the truth is not just on your profile and you are not bragging or humiliating yourself.

This may be comforting, but the people who really get close to you will eventually realize that you are lying. So tell the truth and people will really trust you, and the most authentic people in the world will be able to see you through because they can. If the only person who turns up is a bad, spotless one, you can’t be trusted.


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