Dear Universe, Thank You For All The People I’ve Met – I Could Learn From Them All

People believe in many things, so feel free to take your faith in God as a substitute, but let it magically be wonderful and beautiful. There are people who have changed and influenced my life in some way and I am grateful for that.

I could learn from them, but be careful, never let them call you whenever you need them. I am grateful for all the people I could have learned from.

When I see you drowning, I am silent in your cries for help, but when you see me drowning, you give me an ear. If I need your shoulder to stimulate me in some way, then you are there, always there.

I lost the person I wanted to spend my life with and it was hard at first, but I got over the pain and let go. I felt cleansed, I was prepared for this life and I am ready to overcome pain.

You taught me to have faith in love, friendship and life again, and I realized that with your help I am much stronger. They have told me not to apologize to those who support me in my goals, even if they are unrealistic or stupid.

I must not get stronger, but I must not fall because I have learned to be good for what I am, and I am a better person for it.

You taught me that I will never be happy if I continue to search for the other side, and I finally realized what I wanted to know: to achieve inner happiness. So I let go and learned to trust the majestic river and walk through the windy streets of a heavy storm. The sky was clear and clear on the other side, but I was taught that this was not the end.

The road was not good asphalted, but it was worth to go there, and I could learn from you and find beauty in it.


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