Baby Elephant Was Saved From Death By This Woman, Now He Follows Her Everywhere

We have a negative impact on our planet and the natural world, and are increasingly depriving the world of its compassion, love and respect. Not only do humans directly threaten wildlife, but we also have negative effects on the planet’s natural worlds, as we increasingly deprive it of our compassion and love, respect, etc.

However, there are still those who are doing their best to preserve the world and slow the impending death of our planet, and the story of baby elephant Moyo is one of those that offers hope that things will not soon turn completely wrong. He was found abandoned in the wild just days ago after being swept away by his family as he tried to cross a flooded river. Rangers immediately flew him to Wild Life, a rescue and rehabilitation center in the capital. It’s the brainchild of Roxy Danckwerts, who founded and runs it with her husband and two children.

The baby elephant was the smallest rescued – 56 kilos – and was frightened and sickly, but the sanctuary has an elephant rearing station. Roxy slipped into the role of a surrogate mother, spending literally 24 hours with the little calf and sleeping with him every night to gain his trust. The founder of the sanctuary said: “We saved the baby, raised him and then fermented him”.

When he was very young, he would not let me out of sight and would follow me around the park, even when I was not in sight. Moyo means “heart” to me and you can find him in the sanctuary, in his enclosure or in the wild with his mother Roxy and his sister.

After a traumatic start to life, Moyo has become an elephant with a silver spoon in his mouth. At 14 months old, Dodo wrote an article about the elephant and it was reported that Roxy was following him around, although her fast-growing size made it a little difficult. In a 2016 interview with the BBC, she explained that her Zimbabwean refuge has one hand – a bred squirrel.

When she was brought to the Sanctuary, everyone thought it was a boy, but somehow Moyo always knew where she was, she recognized her voice and smell, and after he took care of her, she became an integral part of her life. At one point it became clear that Roxy was herself, despite claiming she was who she is and that they share the same love for each other and for the other animals in their sanctuary.

Roxy would be hard pressed to part with her, but this amazing woman is determined to give him the freedom to roam because all parents want the best for their child and Moyo believes she is having a nervous breakdown as a result.

Today, Moyo has overcome her childhood trauma, grown up, started swimming and led his own herd of elephants to one of the most successful in the world with a population of more than 1,000 elephants.


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