Be Patient: Good Things Take Time, But They Are Worth The Wait

I know what you’re thinking: everyone is working their lives out, the pressure of competition weighs on your chest, and you have to be ready.

You have to take a step back, absorb everything and not worry about the world, even if it’s only for a few hours a week.

Why do you want to rush things, and if the timing depends on yourself and your timing, why not?

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone just because you can’t rush it, but you have to prove something to yourself and to the world. Why sit there and whine about your life and you won’t even really prove anything in this world, right?

Some things will change and some will not, but they will change for the better in the long term, even if they do not do now.

Happiness is around the corner, just looking around.

In the end, it will all make sense in the long term, even if it takes a little longer than we thought, but it will.

I’ve had my share of difficult places, but they have a purpose because later, when I get what I want, I’ll appreciate it. Every person I meet in my life has been a blessing disguised as a lesson, and I am the one who has not suffered from this lesson. To be truly happy, you have to be patient with yourself, your life and the people around you, even in the most difficult times.

On the other hand, the sky is clear and do not let it slip out of your palm.

Do you know how many people think the same about a piece of clear blue sky and how blessed we are to have what we have? Have you ever thought: “Darling, stop complaining, I’m so grateful for the clear skies and blue skies around me, but what about all the others?

Be happy with what you are now, the rest will come, and in the meantime enjoy what we already have and enjoy everything.

It’s a hard lesson, but life prepares you for life, and that’s all part of the master plan. You have to cross muddy rivers, pass dozens of tests to survive life and university, cross muddy rivers and learn hard lessons.

Darling, if you can, you should be a wild rose braving a snowstorm, but that doesn’t mean you’re the only one in the world with a heart of gold, or even the most powerful.

Timing may not always coincide with the timing of life, but that is the beauty of spontaneity. If we wait, then the rest comes, and that is beauty and spontaneity, not the other way round.

The car seat may not be bulletproof and may not even be buckled in, but that is the point. We are not the drivers of our lives, we are here as visitors and passengers.

When you look out the window, you will notice the beguiling beauty of nature bouncing around you. The driver knows all the shortcuts, because he wants you to look at everything around you, but only want one thing in mind. Don’t miss the experience you’ll have if you don’t have to, and you don’t miss having them.

So be patient, enjoy the ride with family, friends, colleagues – workers, family members, neighbors or even your boss.


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