God, You Are My Greatest Support – I Know I Have You No Matter What

I don’t understand everything that happens in my life, but I have a purpose in life and it’s enough for me to know that it happens for a reason.

You give me the strength to resist the temptations and bumps along the way, and when life is a challenge, I am ready for it. You know what I cannot see or feel, but you are all around me, from the wind and the branches of the trees to the river, the rowan, you are with me.

I have seen people leave me and things that didn’t go the way I wanted or hoped, but there are lessons to be learned from misfortune and failure. I have learned to put my trust in life and my future destiny in your hands because you know what is best for me. You took away things I did for ever, only then I realize that you did the right thing. In hindsight, I see greatness, I see the reason behind everything, I do things for the good.

You are the reason why people leave me, others stay and others enter my life, there is no reason why I have to come back. You are there, you will never fall, but that does not mean that I learn anything from it, it just means that you give me wings to overcome pain, not to avoid it.

Faith not only makes you a better person, but also helps you to dispel the darkness, it helps you to fight your way through things. They help me know that in the end everything will be good, there is no need to be strong against illness and cancer. There is a strong hopelessness and disillusionment in me, and that is because of you, not because I am weak or weak against my illness, cancer or any other disease.

I have you, not because I have to behave in this life, but because you have me and you are my greatest support, my best support and my only support.

In every moment I breathe, you exist, and without you I would not do that, or I would not live, and without you I would not exist.

Your presence makes my daily life easier, makes me grow and prosper, and I feel your presence and feel you, so much easier to get through the darkness If you know you are with me, you can change any degree of darkness. There is nothing I am alone, not even in the darkest nights or in a dark place, but in my own mind.


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