98 Year Old Mom Moves To Nursing Home To Look After 80-Year-Old Son

Motherhood is sacred and a mother’s love for her children is immeasurable, unconditional and unlimited. Motherhood does not have to be dedicated to the last breath of the child, but love for the mother is happiness and peace. Love for a mother does not have to be acquired, it does not have to be earned, love for the mother must be imbued not only in the mother but in all of us and in every human being.

Ada Keating is a great example of how 98-year-old Ada moved into a nursing home to look after her 80-year-old son. A mother will always be there to help her children, no matter what sacrifice she has to make.

The following year, Ada decided to visit her 80-year-old son Tom Keating in his care home. Tom needed extra care because he couldn’t get any more at home, so he moved to Moss View in Huyton, Liverpool, in 2016. It makes my heart melt, a mother is there when her son needs her most and she is there for him.

She likes spending time with her family, playing cards and watching Emmerdale, as well as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“We have some daily routines” – Ada says.

“I’m going to his room every night to say good night to him and every morning to say good morning. When I’m not there, he is looking for me, when I will come back”.

Originally from Wavertree, Liverpool, they have always been close, although Tom has never married and he is very happy to have her as his mother. Tom added: ‘She’s enjoying her time in the care home, she says she looks very good and sometimes she even tells her to behave.

He had three sisters, Janet, Margi and Barbara, who all died at 13. He was a painter and decorator, while Ada worked as a nurse at the Mühlenstraße hospital.

The whole family visits her regularly and sometimes the five generations of the Keating family come to visit her. Ada’s granddaughter Debi Higham said it was reassuring for her that she was being looked after 24/7.


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