Husband, 90, Risks His Own Life To Say Final Goodbye To Wife Of 30 Years After 4 Months Apart

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to terrify the world and take its human toll, and many tragic stories are making our world sad. Unfortunately, many are unable to ward off the dangerous virus, and many more are still fighting for their lives in hospitals. The following video shows the heartbreaking farewell of a 90 year old man and his wife.

JoAnn and Sam Reck have not been separated for more than 30 years as the illness has had a devastating effect on their relationship. Although JoAnn lives in a nursing home in Lakeland, Florida, she is not allowed to have visitors, including her husband. So Sam sits on his second-floor balcony and talks to his sweetheart in the garden below – a practice that earned him the nickname “Romeo and Juliet.”

JoAnn developed a fever, cough and fatigue and was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, and doctors don’t try to resuscitate her on a ventilator, ‘she wrote.

Hospital staff advised the family to make it as comfortable as possible and told them there was little they could do. But a determined husband decided to be with her one last time and risked his own life for her.

She loved her beloved, loved her so much, and her fear of death was born of her love for him.

He knew he was risking everything, but he finally held her hand this month, and just hours after they met, JoAnn died.


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