Pushing Her Away Only Showed Her How Strong She Really Is

It will undoubtedly be heartbreaking at first, but it will be overcome faster than you imagine. They should have known that she would not shed a tear for months and asked you to take her back. She’s so much more independent, she’s so much stronger, and she knows she deserves more than that.

To push her away and break her heart has shown her that she is so much stronger than she thought and can handle anything life throws at her. One thing is for sure, it will only show you that you are much stronger than you think.

Don’t think for a second that you don’t love her because she doesn’t love you as much as you do, she does. Breaking her heart may be the best thing that has happened to her, because it has shown her that she deserves so much more than she was offered. When you lose it, you realize that you not only deserve better treatment, but that you are worth much more than you tell yourself.

All she ever wanted was for you to grow old and give her everything she always wanted, and that’s what she wanted, right?

How could she know that you would not appreciate her support, loyalty and commitment to your relationship? How could you know that she would not appreciate your love for her, your loyalty to you, or your commitment to her?

You may still have feelings for her, but you realize that she is not a person worthy of your time, and that you are not the person who will love her as unconditionally as you love yourself. You will never let them go or let them treat you like that again until you realize that you can survive without them.

Losing is the best thing that can happen to you because it helps you to reconnect, reinvent yourself and grow as a person. There’s always another person pushing you around, but somehow you get lost in that relationship. The moment you realize you never planned to finish the game and you’re looking for something better, you know it’s the end.

But whatever happens from now on, I know I will come to heal, recover and come back stronger. I would never again allow myself to waste my energy and time on a lost cause, and I would not waste it again.


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