Adorable Moment Elephant Reunites With Family After 12 Years

An adorable moment of love between an elephant and her new family left everyone speechless after returning from a 12-year absence.

The family celebration was always emotional for the animal, too, and the four-year-old from the Halle mountain zoo met her new family – her granddaughter Tamika (4) and granddaughter Elani (1) – just before the family celebration.

Pori left her former home in Berlin to go to the Bergzoo in the eastern city of Halle and stay with her mother for the rest of her life. It was an emotional reunion for all of us at the German zoo, and we were speechless.

She hadn’t seen her daughter Tana for years and then met her mother outside the elephant house. She touched her trunk in her cage, then her face, ears, and even her nose as if she had been touched by her.

Zoo director Dr Dennis Muller said in a statement: ‘This emotional encounter was emotional for all of us. In future, all herds of elephants in European zoos will be kept as far as possible in such natural family structures.

We have come a long way today towards that goal and today everyone was enthusiastic, but there were no problems. Everything went well and the zoo prepared its elephants for the reunion with the help of a team of veterinarians from the Zoological Society of London.

It was a visible encounter and a joyous event for all four, and the zoo said those involved could see baby Elani even trying to drink from Pori’s eyes. It is the only zoo in Germany where two elephants and their cows live together, but it is the first time in the world that their grandchildren Tamika and Elani live together.


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