Retiree Decides To Spend Rest Of Life At Holiday Inn, Since It’s Cheaper Than A Senior Home

Terry Robison had the perfect retirement plan. A nice idea came up, and his story has gone viral, with more than 1.5 million Facebook shares and over 1,000 comments on Twitter.

He and his 64-year-old wife Renee will live the rest of their lives at the Holiday Inn in New York City. Instead, the couple wanted to enjoy all the benefits of the holiday home, and nowhere is that more than in the hotel.

Guests will get the best service, and Robison’s plan could actually work very well. If the average cost of care in a nursing home is $188 a day, there are better options if you get old and weak, “Robison said.

Robison and his wife already check in for reservations at the Holiday Inn, and if they are one of the seniors who will stay at the hotel for a long time, they could get a discount.

You don’t have to spend too much on food, as the hotel offers breakfast and happy hour in the afternoon. This way they have access to the restaurant they want and they also have free parking in the Holiday Inn parking lot and in front of their hotel.

The couple will use soap, razors, shampoo and other toiletries for free, and a regular tip of $5 will be provided by staff. Terry and his wife don’t want to be treated like patients for the rest of their lives. It seems much better to be a valued guest and regularly receive a 5% tip from a member of staff!

Terry believes the manager will take good care of him and will be able to go wherever they want. Nursing homes offer standard therapy and are ideal for seniors who need constant medical care, but Robison and the couple think it all through.

To meet other nice people, they call the church bus on Sundays, and a bus stops at the front door. For a change, take the airport shuttle bus, eat in one of the nice restaurants or take the airport bus to their hotel. Seniors travel free of charge and you can make a reservation at a Holiday Inn within minutes.

Getting a free place in a good care home, even in the most expensive part of the country, can be challenging, especially for older people with health problems.

The Holiday Inn has been behaving like a hotel in the United States for years, even though it is only a few miles from the hospital.

The hotel management took care of all the technical problems and difficulties and everything has been fixed, according to Terry and Renee’s doctor, Dr. Robert Hirsch.

The Inn behaved all night, with security and daily room service, and the ambulance was not called, so they are ok.

The Holiday Inn has a pool so Terry and Renee can meet their children, but the nursing home does not allow long visits. The children can stay there for a few days and enjoy the comfort of a hotel.

If you could be asked what would you look forward to in your golden age when you reach it, and what might it look like?

The hotel’s management released a statement to Terry’s post, and a Holiday Inn spokesman referred to his retirement plan. There is no way to guarantee $59 a night because prices are constantly changing and based on the hotel, the region and the location, “he said. So there’s no excuse for your children to visit you, but what about the rest of your life?


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