True Love Is About Actions, Not Words

People know that actions speak louder than words, and with good reason. We choose people who live like this because we want them to do so, not because of their actions, but because they want what we believe to be true in their lives to be true. To live a better life, we must choose the people we live with and the things they live for, whether they want it or not.

People say things they don’t mean every day, throw out false excuses and sometimes even tell people that they don’t care what they know deep down.

It may be a bit harsh, but it is something that we often cannot control, but to be better we must put words into action.

Otherwise, we will not be able to establish healthy relationships in our lives and, therefore, in our relations with our fellow human beings.

Of course I am a kind-hearted person who wants to help others, but the last thing I want is to be known as someone who lets people down. It is vital that we ensure a healthy society by keeping our promises, following the rules and helping others to do the same. When we cannot fulfill something we ask for, we make a promise and people remember our actions.

If you want to prove your loyalty to others, don’t waste your time making promises and telling them how much you care about them while you don’t implement these things when it comes to pushing others. Understanding your limits and living by them is of great importance to you.

You cannot expect others to stand by you when they need you and not be willing to do the same for them. You can do whatever it takes to help the people who care for you, especially if you assure them that they can rely on you in times of need. The people you love most will not waste valuable time convincing you to be honest with yourself if you do not want to make changes for yourself. When you are low, you are not there for yourself, and you are not there when people around you are suffering and need you.

Let us not be persuaded by words to get where you want to be, but let us prove that we are honest and good – and do so by showing it in our actions.


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