Once a Woman Says Goodbye, She’s Not Coming Back

We all know that in women’s nature is to forgive and understand, because they are so compassionate. We can put up with abuse, put up with a lot of bad things and behavior and deal with it to a certain extent, but that’s it.

Once you have crossed a certain line, there is no going back, and when a woman’s patience is exhausted and finally broken, she is gone.

You might think you’re # I have been through so much, but you could be very wrong and you will be forgiven and return to your old ways. You were a mistake, it was a bad decision, you were the most kind, warm-hearted girl and she will forgive you.

You will have to make the hardest decision of your life and you will succeed because you can no longer stand your BS. You are fickle, indecisive and will pray until you have had enough

Once you have decided you have enough, there is nothing you can do to change your mind, and then there is nothing you can do about it.

At this moment, nothing could change your mind, but you must be aware that you cannot go on forever. You will walk out the door of this life and never see her again, and you will never be seen again.

Your seemingly boundless patience is not your limit, and you will find it in your heart to forgive again and again. But when the last drop fills your glass, you have had enough; your seemingly infinite patience will vanish into thin air when you make it clear to her that she will no longer tolerate your twists and turns. You will never hear from her again, and she will never call you by your name again.

Therefore, a woman should never be taken for granted and your patience is tested and pushed to the limit of what is tolerable.

You love your wife like crazy, treat her with respect, give her everything she wants and don’t think for a second that she will leave you because she will never do it. You may have given her a thousand chances, but one day she will say enough and that will be the end. It may give you a thousand chances, but it doesn’t give you a thousand more and you’ll never leave it, will you?

Don’t wait until she loses her nerve and act before it’s too late, don’t wait until you get there, do the right thing for the relationship that’s not over, repair it and repair the trust that you’ve destroyed.

If you treat her right, she will stay with you, but if you don’t, you will lose her forever.


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