Dogs Can Sniff Out Untrustworthy People

There are several reasons why dogs are better suited to human society, but the most important is clearly their high sensitivity. In my opinion, humans have much greater advantages over dogs, and some people prefer cats because they are not so needy and easy to care for. Of course, there are those who do not like them, some of them are so bad that it is not even worth talking about. You can improve your mental health, make your life happier, make you happier and simply improve the overall quality of life, so why bother if it’s not worth the effort?

It also seems that dogs can now detect when a person is angry, happy, sad or even jealous. As a dog owner, I know that if I told my dog to get his toy or stick food, he would go there and do what I asked him to do. The study in question looked at the dogs’ behavior when they were directed to a place by the person and asked them to ‘get something’. This tells us whether that person was reliable and trustworthy or not, and if so, what behavior he or she is doing.

The study took this knowledge into account and examined 34 dogs who were shown a picture of a person with two different types of dog food in three rounds. The aim of the experiment was to see if the dogs could detect when the person was lied to, and thus to determine whether or not that person was reliable.

In the first round, the participants showed the dogs a box full of food, whereby the dog ran towards the box immediately. In the second round, the participants pointed to an empty box and so on, so that the dogs ran towards the empty boxes rather than towards the food boxes.

However, when the same person pointed to another box of food, the dogs stopped following their instructions, as they no longer trusted the people who had lied to them.

All 34 dogs participating in the experiment reacted in the same way and after the first three rounds the dogs were introduced to a new person who directed them back to the full food box.

Dogs listened to the new participant, followed his instructions and were able to regain their confidence. Dogs are attracted to new things and therefore follow the instructions of new participants, listen to them and follow their instructions. It is shocking to see how quickly dogs are able to decipher human behavior and decide whether or not to trust someone. They can not only sense human emotions and act accordingly, but are also highly intuitive.

However, it is not a question of thinking about the past or making plans for the future as we live at the moment. Perhaps we should look more at the present moment and not only at our past, but also at our future and ourselves.


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