A True Father Is One Who Understands That Family Comes First

Becoming a father is a relatively simple process, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the largest and most respected organization of fathers.

But it takes something more than luck to get a woman pregnant and end up as a parent. Now being a dad is different, but here’s the thing: being a father is much more than just fathering a child. It is not just about money or even the physical appearance of the child.

It’s about who you are as a person, how you see yourself and others in the world, and how your views reflect the way you treat your child.

Being a father means being gentle, kind, compassionate and understanding, and being able to comfort your son or daughter when he/she cries. It’s about knowing that even if you raise your voice and throw your weight around, you’re doing a good job. And it means being gentle and kind and compassionate, understanding and loving, but also willing to comfort your sons and daughters when they cry, and to be there for his family.

Being a dad means spending time with the kids and not being willing to side with the stupid to have fun with them.

Being a father means caring for your wife, children and the rest of the family, not just your personal needs.

A father is someone who does everything in his power to ensure that his children are healthy, happy and safe, but does only the bare minimum and then puts his hand on his lap. He is a man who can hold his hands up and admit when he is wrong, and who is willing to fight for his children through thick and thin and not to let them down when times get tough. A father must be someone who treats others as they are, not as they look or what decisions they make in their lives.

A father is someone who understands the importance of being an example to his children, not only in his own life but also in the life of those around him. A father acts like a man who knows the limits of his own understanding and is open to everything. Someone who can accept his own mistakes and knows that he cannot judge anyone because no one judges him.

A real father is someone who knows that he must make sacrifices for his family without hesitation. Someone who puts his children first and is willing to put them first, even if it comes at the expense of his own well-being – being. The influence of a father on the life of his child is like knowing that his behavior directly influences the way he thinks, feels and acts.

Being a dad means having fun, and that means knowing when to break the rules, let your hair down and enjoy the present moment.

Being a father means learning as much about your children as they learn about you, and becoming a better person every day. It means to know your children as the miniature people they really are; it means to know their strengths and weaknesses, their weaknesses and their joys.


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