7 Ways To Appreciate What You Have Right Now

Gratitude is a divine feeling that never hurts and always does so much good, but unfortunately many people spend their lives wanting more and more instead of appreciating what they already have. Most of us rarely experience how happy we are with everything we have and what we are in.

Why do we constantly chase after the next big thing and why can’t we really acknowledge and be grateful for what we already have? Why do we live in an age when we have to behave like this and constantly chase the “next big thing”?

The strange thing is that almost everything we have now was once just a dream, but we are behaving like that now. The possibilities blind us and make us forget what we have already achieved.

When I was 16 years old, the car I drive today would have been a great wish for me, but when I was still struggling to pay the rent for my one-bedroom apartment, life seemed to me to be an impossible goal now.

However, I am not satisfied with my own performance yet, and to express gratitude will pave the way to happiness and success in life. Here are 7 surefire ways you can change that and learn to really appreciate what you have.

You can start to practice gratitude by writing down a few things you are grateful for every day, or just thinking about how lucky we are to be alive from the moment we wake up in the morning. This makes you wait for something magical to happen or something that keeps you from appreciating the here and now. It requires little effort, but it could change your life forever, and it also helps you fall in love with the life you already have.

If we just stop and look around, we see so many amazing things happening in front of our eyes. Presence and real life at the moment is what we really miss, and a grateful mind is a happy mind.

The key is to learn how to appreciate what you have and the time you have to appreciate it with what you have. Once you start paying attention to these little magical things, you will realize how much you miss all the time you missed.

Smiling is one of the best accessories you can own, and there is nothing like a smile, especially in the middle of a long day at work, school, or any other stressful situation.

Not only does it make you incredibly beautiful, it’s also a great way to connect with family, friends and even yourself.

It’s a simple thing, but it will certainly calm your mind and help you get through your struggles. Even if nothing seems right, try to put on a big smile instead of a sad song. Think of all the things you should be grateful for and smile as much as you can.

But to hold a high-quality inner monologue does not mean isolating oneself or going mad, it is just an exercise in self-awareness.

It means to take a step back and ask yourself where you are in life and what makes your existence so amazing. Ask yourself what you can do to make yourself and your loved ones happy, and look for ways to improve your life by improving yourself as a person. Learn to appreciate yourself, find out what is really important to you in this life, ask yourself: “What can I do in the next few months to make my loved ones happy?

Next time when you start comparing yourself to someone else, remember that the grass on the other side is not greener. It’s greener where you’re watering down, and the next step is to make the inner monologue count. Stop comparing other people to you and stop comparing yourself and those around you.

If you see a friend you have, you may feel dissatisfied and petty because you are jealous that he has no friends like you, even though you are happy (or at least happy enough) with the friends you have.

There are too many people in the world who have less than you, and you don’t need such negative energy. To appreciate the life you already have, you first have to let go of the hatred and bitterness in your head. You are burdened with negative thoughts and emotions because you use energy, but you do not need it. Be thankful for what you have and beat yourself up for what you did not have.

When you are in a place with such a disturbing atmosphere in your orbit, you will do more harm than good to yourself and your fellow human beings.

Stop blaming yourself for circumstances you can never control and talk more about the blessings of your problems. Be grateful, forgive those who hurt you, forgive yourselves and always remain faithful to your convictions. Never forget who is there for you when times get tough and never forget to be there when times get tough.

No one knows better than I do, but I know that amazing things come to you when you focus all your energy on appreciating life.

After all, you never know when your heart would beat for the very last time, and every single heartbeat you have is a precious gift to cherish.

In the blink of an eye, anything could be taken away from you, so do what makes your soul shine, love the people in your circle as much as possible, and make every little moment count.


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