Pierce Brosnan Gave His Wife Keely Shaye Smith The Sweetest Movie Tribute Ever

One of Hollywood’s most sought-after performers is Pierce Brosnan. His name is frequently, if not always, associated with the success of the movie he is in due to his amazing charisma, unmistakable charm, and good looks.

Although Brosnan has played a variety of parts, his portrayal of “Black Adam” in the DC Comics Live Action film has allowed him to pay the most dramatic homage to his own marriage to Keely Shaye Smith, his wife of more than 20 years.

In four James Bond movies, including “GoldenEye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “Die Another Day,” the actor is best known for playing secret agent James Bond. Additionally, he has performed the role in a number of video games set in the same universe.

When he was 11 years old, Brosnan traveled to London, England, where he continued his education at the Drama Center. His first notable part came in the TV series “Remington Steele,” after which he got work as a stage actor and soon moved on to television and movies. After that, he continued to have success in movies and went on to become famous all over the world for playing James Bond.

But throughout the years, Brosnan has experienced his share of hardships. Cassandra Harris, his first wife, was his wife for 11 years before she tragically passed suddenly. Harris had two more children from a previous marriage, including Charlotte, in addition to the one biological son the couple had together. Brosnan mourned the loss of Charlotte in addition to that of his first wife. Nevertheless, despite the unhappy conclusion of his first marriage, the following chapter of his life was characterized by fresh starts and happier beginnings.

At a party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 1994, Brosnan and Smith, an American journalist, became friends.

Everyone was amazed by how stunningly beautiful Brosnan, 69, and Smith, 59, were as a couple when they first got married since they were both extraordinarily gorgeous. They originally met in April 1994, and on August 4, 2001, they were wed in Ireland. Dylan and Paris are their two boys who they share.

Smith gained some weight after giving birth to their two children, which prompted scathing criticism regarding her appearance. People may have been surprised to learn that the former James Bond had remained with someone whose appearance had changed so drastically, but Brosnan and Smith’s relationship has repeatedly shown that it goes deeper than what meets the eye.

The actor has been candid about how his wife enabled him to completely mourn and cope with the painful losses in his life and helped him get through a difficult period in his life after the deaths of his first wife and daughter. In 2013, Brosnan told The Sun, “Keely has always been nice and empathetic and encouraged me to mourn Cassie.” Added him:

“I never stop thinking about her. I imagine Keely to be my North Star, constantly watching out for me.”

The reason Brosnan has always been so in love with his wife is because of Smith’s charisma and kind heart.

After discussing how he infused his marriage into his part as Doctor Fate in the film, Brosnan again showered his wife with honor and admiration during the “Black Adam” movie premiere in New York on October 12, 2022.

Smith was questioned by Entertainment Tonight during the “Black Adam” premiere about if she was aware of her husband’s moving tribute to her in the superhero movie.

As his character, Doctor Fate, Brosnan reportedly wore his wedding band and fortunate watch the entire time.

“This watch, which Keely gave to me many years ago and has the message “Time flies on love’s wings,” is what I chose to wear for this character. It is also our wedding band. It seemed proper,” Brosnan spoke to the publication about his significant choice.

The DC Comic Book Universe’s Doctor Fate, who is possibly the most powerful magic-user, is the character that Brosnan portrays. In addition, Noah Centineo and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who plays the main role, are part of the cast.

In explaining why he chose to wear the ring and see the movie, Brosnan compared himself to his persona, which truly resonated with him.

“The man has traveled through all of human history. He is among the DC comic book industry’s most potent sorcerers. I’ve heard that he did have a wife named Enza who was even more strong than him.” he spoke.

Smith was shocked to learn about the homage only a few weeks before to the actual premiere event. She continued by saying how much she loved her husband’s quiet yet kind gesture.

Smith said, “I love those insignia, that he carried those into the superpower, superhero domain”.

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