A New Restaurant Has A Strict ‘No Cellphones Allowed’ Policy. Let’s Hope It Starts A Trend.

The advent of smartphones has altered how people communicate. People are less inclined to look up from their phones and engage in conversation with the person in front of them. When smartphones were merely the newest fad ten years ago, this was understandable. However, things must change now. People’s disassociation from reality through time has increased the necessity for smartphone etiquette. It’s not surprising that less in-person communication has occurred as a result of individuals constantly checking their phones for new push notifications. One can assume that we require a break or that we require some unspoken social norms. In Fort Wort, Texas, a restaurant is attempting to address the issue. There is only one restriction for its patrons: no cell phones.

It’s interesting to note that there is growing research linking excessive smartphone use to worry and stress. The opposite of what you want to happen at your favorite restaurant is this. For this reason, a number of bars, clubs, and restaurants have adopted the no-cellphone policy. In other locations, they are kept in pouches that can only be opened in an emergency or after the performance is completed.

This is a fantastic solution to an issue that is getting worse. Sure, you might not get all the memories you hoped for, but it lets you concentrate on the now and savor the moment. And for precisely this reason, Dallas-based chef Tim Love has a no-cellphone policy in place at Caterina’s. The brand-new Italian eatery respectfully requests that patrons place their phones in little bags while food is being served.

The hostess provides each guest a pouch to put their phone in, and the pouch stays with the guest the entire dinner, according to Tim Love in an interview with Paper City. We’ll politely request that they place their phone in the bag. That has already taken place. Some individuals forget. All they have in their pocket is their phone. We hand the bag to them. Their phone was placed inside the bag. It’s not a major issue. This is not the place for you if you can’t live without your phone for two hours. People don’t use their phones when at the movies, I mean. The primary goal of the no-cellphone policy is to foster a conversational environment. In a world that has become increasingly mechanical, it would help them connect.

Calling for an emergency? For that, Caterina’s has a plan.

People frequent the eatery because of its atmosphere. It’s interesting to note that even the waiters move much more slowly when serving the food. “A multi-course supper will be served to visitors at Caterina’s. It’s what I like to call analog dining, which is slow dining where everything about it makes you want to take your time. Throughout the course of the meal, there will be numerous small surprises. Even the Fort Worth Star’s Bud Kennedy has positive things to say about this place. The atmosphere is fantastic, with tables chatting with one another and (patrons) establishing new friends.

And if one were to go to Caterina’s, they would realize that the vision was reason enough to put down their phones. A shimmering Art Deco lattice feature covers the restaurant’s private dining area. The atmosphere of the restaurant is posh 1940s and 1950s, therefore sports jackets are appropriate for a fine dining experience. Beautiful woodwork and tile installations cover the rest of the eatery. The location’s modern architecture is interspersed with the chandelier’s historical lights.

However, the no cellphone rule does not preclude talking to someone in case of an emergency or critical matter. The restaurant’s phone number is available to anyone who needs to speak with someone, according to the chef. The crew would then place an antique landline phone next to their table. Cell phones cannot be used at all, so alternative forms of entertainment must be used. Then you say, “I’m just going to sit here and enjoy myself, and that’s what happens,” says Love. It has been incredibly revitalizing.

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