Serena Williams Had The Best Response To Question About Her U.S. Open Bathroom Break

Serena Williams is demonstrating that postponing retirement is not necessary. She made it clear after her most recent performance at the US Open that she still “had it.” In the second round of the competition, the 40-year-old champion squared off against Estonia’s Anett Kontaveit, the No. 2 seed. A record amount of tennis fans showed up in person to witness the match, according to ESPN, who estimates that 2.7 million people watched it on their network.

It was undoubtedly worthwhile to watch. The three sets were fought out by the competitive players, with Williams winning the first in a tiebreaker and Kontaveit easily claiming the second. According to CNN, Kontaveit appeared to be in control of the match and some people were doubting Williams’ ability to win the third set. However, Williams managed to turn the tide and win the match with a 6-2 performance.

Williams was blunt when asked how she managed to pull it off. I’m a fairly excellent player, I guess,” she stated, according to CBS Sports. Others suggested a different explanation, pointing to Williams’ use of the restroom just before the last set. The tennis pro had the ideal reaction when asked about it.

Venus Williams was in the lead in her match until her opponent suddenly withdrew from the match in “King Richard,” the film about the Williams family and their ascent. “I fell apart,” Venus remembered to USA Today after “she took a toilet break.” Venus won the opening set 6-2 before dropping the next two. A reporter questioned Serena Williams in her post-match press conference over a toilet break she took during a crucial part of the match against Anett Kontaveit. In order to assist her focus before the last set, they reportedly asked her if she did anything, according to the Daily Mail.

Serena responded to the query with her trademark wit and charm, making it apparent that her trip to the locker room was not planned. “Indeed, no. I simply lost weight ” she said. Put your imagination to use. She was quick to point out to the crowd that she had not received assistance from “number two” Kontaveit.

The game lasted about two and a half hours, according to ESPN, so a toilet break makes perfect sense. Nevertheless, the humorous story and answer to the query give “Flushing Meadows,” the location of the illustrious event, a whole new meaning.



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