One-Armed Mother Recreates the Beauty of Cinderella with a Glass Arm and IG Photos Go Viral

Most young girls imagine themselves as princesses. Some of them play pretend while watching fairy tales on television while donning tiaras. Others might don a princess costume and participate in a costume party. An extremely prevalent fad in this era is for older ladies in their teens and early 20s to dress up like princesses.

Mandy Pursley, who was born with a below-elbow amputee right arm, is passionate about voice acting and acting. She resides in the Los Angeles/San Diego region of California. This upbeat individual has always accepted her impairment and followed her passion for acting. Although she has acknowledged that her impairment almost caused her to lose confidence in herself and that she was on the verge of depression.

She once shared a reading of “Cinderella” with her young daughter. This provided her a suggestion for an alternative way to portray the princess. She can, thankfully, create her own outfits, including a Cinderella gown with a glass prosthetic limb.

Mandy remarked, “I have never seen amputee women portrayed as normal, lovely, or strong. “I never saw females like me represented in the media when I was growing up because of a physical difference. It took me a while to discover that our differences can also make us strong, attractive, and shamelessly distinctive.

Mandy dressed up for some pictures, which she shared on her Instagram account. In a short period of time, the pictures quickly became popular online. Mandy did not think twice when a friend requested if she could display some pictures to a young child who was born with only one arm. Mandy has recently been enjoying performing in Be the Spark Cosplay events with her pals.

Mandy serves as an example for her daughter. She educates her by pointing out that everyone has a special talent and that limitations are “beauties in disguise.” So, in order to pass the time until next year’s Comic-Con, she posted pictures of herself on her Instagram profile dressed as various characters from fairy tales and science fiction movies. Mandy has this message for all those with impairments who wish to pursue their aspirations after seeing her “Cinderella with a Glass Arm” photographs become viral on the internet:

I came to the conclusion that we can never predict what the future may bring, Pursley remarked. “However, we can still make people happy nowadays. The small ladies learning to navigate the world with their “lucky fins” or other obstacles have this costume made especially for them. I hope you are aware of how stunning and unstoppable you are. Be your own kind of princess and write your own tale.

Ryan, Mandy’s husband, performs as Cinderella’s Prince and also creates his own costumes. The stunning images of the couple dressed as Cinderella and her Prince captured the attention of their Instagram followers. Mandy has been referred to as “the most beautiful Cinderella” by internet users.

Mandy asserts that she will continue to pursue her interest for cosplay by creating her own costumes and clothing. She feels that everyone is attractive and exhorts those with impairments to follow their aspirations. “Create your own princess if you can’t find one like you. Every wish is conceivable!



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