Toddler Born With Rare Hair Syndrome Is One Of Roughly 100 Confirmed Cases Worldwide

A 17-month-old baby’s wild mane has made her an internet sensation! Uncombable Hair Syndrome has been identified as Layla Davis’s condition. Uncombable Hair syndrome is an uncommon condition that affects the hair shafts, according to The color and texture of the hair are frequently used to identify the disorder. The majority of those affected by this uncommon condition have wheat-colored or silvery blond hair that sticks straight up and won’t lay down flat.

Furthermore, their hair is frequently regarded as being dry and coarse. Dr. Luis Garza, a dermatology professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, emphasized that this illness is not harmful but rather a genetic ailment that alters how hair develops from the scalp in an interview with USA Today. According to Garza, hair typically grows in a cylinder shape, but if you cut off the bottom, you would see a circle. When you cut it with this condition, it doesn’t look like a circle but rather like a triangle with an odd groove. The individual’s capacity to maintain it is directly impacted by the various patterns in which the hair grows.

Uncombable Hair Syndrome is so uncommon that fewer than 1 in 1,000 people will have it, according to Garza. Although there are only 100 known occurrences of this rare illness worldwide, Layla is one of them. In an interview with Daily Mail, Layla’s mother, Charlotte Davis, talked about how relieved she was when her daughter’s ailment was finally identified as well as the humorous nicknames her wild hair has spawned.

The Daily Mail was informed by Charlotte that as Layla grew older, her hair began to change.

The mother of two said to the source, “She was fluffy from when she was approximately one.” “And then it began expanding ever farther outward after that.”

Initially, Charlotte acknowledged, she was “in denial” and believed her daughter’s hair “was going to go flat.” For the loving mother, learning that Layla had Uncombable Hair Syndrome was a comfort.

Charlotte said, “I am incredibly thrilled to obtain the diagnosis because it’s so uncommon. “There are only 100 people in the world with it, so the chances of having it are incredibly low. This is part of the reason I delayed getting her tested for it.”

A few amusing monikers have been given to Layla as a result of her wild hair. According to Charlotte, she frequently refers to her daughter by nicknames like Boris Johnson and Albert Einstein.

Even though Layla is still a toddler, Charlotte has seen that the 17-month-old has started paying closer attention to her hair, primarily because others have started highlighting it.

Charlotte said, “I don’t know if it’s because other people touch and ruffle her hair, but she’s started doing it herself.”

She said, “I have a two-year-old kid, and [he] has noticed his hair isn’t the same. And on occasion, he will rub both his and her hair.

Charlotte hopes her kid learns how “wonderful” her peculiarities make her as she gets older and becomes more conscious of them. She remarked, “I don’t think she realizes how great it is. “I just want her to grow up knowing it’s awesome even though she doesn’t look like other people,” the speaker said.

According to specialists, the disease may naturally fade away by the time the youngster reaches puberty. Research into the causes is currently ongoing because it is such a rare illness.



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