Nicolas Cage Loves ‘Every Second’ of Being a Grandpa — His Son Said He Is a ‘Phenomenal’ Babysitter

The 20-year-old was wed to Nikki Williams at the time. But shortly after that occurrence, they called it quits. Soon after, Weston found himself in difficulty when he was bizarrely assaulted by his personal trainer.
Due to his parent’s divorce, the youngster had a difficult childhood. When he met blonde beauty Danielle, Weston was able to change his life.

Soon after they first met, they fell in love, and their union had a great influence on his life. When Danielle informed Weston that she was pregnant two days before their 2013 wedding, his happiness was multiplied. Everyone in the room was shocked by the news and delighted for the newlyweds.

Nicolas, the renowned actor who is Weston’s father, was one individual who was really happy for the newlyweds. At the Kasem Cares Foundation fundraiser, Weston spoke to US Magazine and said:

“My dad is overjoyed.”

Weston and Danielle welcomed their baby Lucian Augustus Coppola Cage at 3:14 p.m. on July 1, 2014. Nicolas’ first grandchild was given the name Lucian Augustus in honor of Weston’s paternal grandpa. The 50-year-old actor was looking after another son, Kal-El, with his wife, Alice Kim, and he was eager to start playing the grandpa.

In addition to working on his solo album “Prehistoric Technology,” Weston was a new father. Speaking about his new responsibilities as a father, Weston revealed that many of the values and ideas he would be imparting to his son came from Nicolas.

In addition to praising Nicolas for his abilities as a grandfather, Weston commended the renowned actor’s influence on him as a father. The performer revealed:

“I had a wonderful father in him. How is he doing as a grandfather? Brilliant.”

Nicolas, meantime, is incredibly proud of being a grandfather. The actor, who has a special spot for his family, savors each second. The actor admitted when he made an appearance at the launch of his movie “The Runner”:

“Being a grandfather is fantastic, every instant.”

Nicolas warmly answered, “His Smile,” when asked what he liked best about the infant. Nicolas enjoys spending time with his family. He would always be there to support his children in whatever they did and wants his family to be with him wherever he travels.

Weston, who was at the premiere as well, praised his father for being kind, immensely loving, intelligent, and approachable. Weston mentioned that occasionally baby Lucian could be rambunctious so they all take turns holding him while addressing questions regarding Nicolas’ babysitting responsibilities. Nicolas, however, adores the kid. And Weston said:

He makes an amazing grandfather.

Sorin was the second child that Weston and Danielle welcomed into the world after Lucian. After the infant was born, Nicolas became a grandfather twice. The artist shared the good news on Facebook along with a photo of the gorgeous child. Weston gushed over Danielle and expressed his delight at them starting a family once more.

After their honeymoon period, Weston and Danielle unexpectedly divorced. Unfortunately, their divorce was somewhat contentious, and Danielle obtained a restraining order against Weston. Unless it was a visitation with their children, the singer had to remain at least 100 yards away from her during the proceedings.

Nicolas had to intervene and provide his kid with financial support following the breakup. By helping him pay for child support, the actor acted in place of his son. In 2018, the divorce was finally formalized. The children were given to Danielle as their primary physical custodian, with Weston only permitted visitation.

Along with paying half of the $16,000 he receives from his father each month in child support, Weston also agreed to pay $8,000 per month in family support as part of the settlement. As part of the family support payment, Danielle and the children received assistance with their automobile and health insurance bills.

Weston married for a third time the same year he concluded his divorce. He married Hila Aronian on April 28, 2018, which was their wedding day. With the exception of Nicolas, practically all of the family members attended the rocker-boho-themed wedding ceremony in Canyon County, California.

Sources claim that Nicolas was forced to travel abroad at the last minute to film a movie. But he was delighted for the young couple. While they sipped cocktails and observed the wedding, guests were treated to exquisite music by acoustic singer and guitarist Jennifer Lynn Simpson.

Weston was led down the aisle by his mother. Additionally, she praised her son for being the world’s most romantic man and wished him a happy marriage.

Nicolas became the grandfather of four gorgeous children two years after Weston and Hila welcomed twin daughters. The renowned actor, according to a source, was apparently thrilled by the information.
“Nic and the entire family are having a very pleasant time right now.”
Hila posted a picture of her two precious infants, Cyress Zara and Venice Zohar Cage Coppola, along with the joyful news on Facebook. The new mother claims that her twin twins came on April 8, 2020, were in excellent health, and were already acting like two-month-olds.
With Lucian and Sorin, the birth of Cyress and Venice made Weston a father of four. The marriage between Weston and Hila also seems to be going well, and Hila constantly extols the virtues of her husband.

She thanked him for making her feel special on his birthday in December 2019 and for being on her mind constantly. In the meantime, Nicolas and Riko Shibata, his new flame, are also expecting a child.

The couple is expecting their first child together, according to a spokesman for them. After Weston and Kal-El, the actor and Riko’s unborn child would be his third child. The wedding took place on February 16, 2021.



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