Shaquille O’Neal’s Father Made a Dying Wish – and Leaves His Family With a Priceless Gift

NBA great Shaquille O’Neal reminds us all that the most valuable thing we transmit on to our children is priceless by carrying out his father’s final wishes.

You can bet that Shaquille O’Neal, the Hall of Fame basketball monster, owes his enormous success to a slew of friends, coaches, and teammates. Phillip Harrison, who married Shaq’s mother Lucille O’Neal when he was barely two years old, is the biggest.

O’Neal recalls his drill sergeant father using a firm hand to keep him out of trouble in an interview with TNT. “When my father came to class, he would whoop me in front of everyone.” Yeah. It was a long time ago. However, I was a serious, high-level juvenile delinquent who could’ve easily gotten into problems at any time.”

“That’s why he knew that all the strategies he used on me would absolutely work,” O’Neal said, after a moment of reflection. And it worked.”

But it would take a sad occurrence to demonstrate exactly how powerful and magical his father’s influence was.

Shaq’s life was turned upside down when his father died. It brought home his father’s influence on his discipline, achievement, and ideals — both as a player and as a person. Even for the guy known as ‘Superman,’ it was a shocking blow.

Despite the fact that his father would not be present, O’Neal would have the opportunity to thank him. Harrison begged Shaq to make a vow to take care of his family before he passed away, Shaq explained.

“My father taught me not to cry or be upset, so when he died, I let it go completely since I didn’t get to thank him enough.”


O’Neal stepped up, like he has so many times on the court, and used that as fuel to pay tribute to his memory in a memorable way.



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